“A Good Company” — 5 Great JAVs To End Your Summer

Published : September 7th, 2021 Written by vienna

Hello everyone, vienna here! It's great to be back writing for you on the ZENRA blog after a long, relaxing month off during summer vacation. August was a very quiet month for me: I had a chance to breathe a little bit from the continuous stress due to the many commitments of life, but I must admit that I really missed writing opinion articles for you readers. Let's inaugurate these last months of 2021 with a new top-list, this time concerning a very spicy topic that some people don't particularly like, namely JAVs whose protagonists play the role of a sex worker, or an escort more specifically. Obviously, we're not talking about paying an actress from the JAV industry for sex, but we are talking about (and it goes without saying) movies that involve this particular type of interpretation. Not particularly widespread in western porn, the aforementioned theme is instead massively dealt with in JAV and oriental porn: most of the films I'm going to present to you today, in fact, are of recent date, with just a few homages to productions of a certain level. But now, let's stop talking and take a look at the five best sex worker themed JAVs on the market!


Chisato Shoda"Teasing Service Healing Escort With A Big Ass"

Movie MMKS-013
Cast Chisato Shoda
Release Date Mar 19, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

The first two films selected for this top-list are the perfect representation of the extremes of viewpoints in the field of interpreting sex workers in JAVs. Let's put it this way: a production studio has the option of taking two routes, one easy and one difficult - the easy route, as you might guess, involves an actress who is generally juvenile, aesthetically in the "meta" and whose curves can stand out against the skimpy, low-cut outfits that are typically given to actresses for this particular role; the difficult route, on the other hand, ignores the standards of cast selection and approaches the production with a courage that should not be underestimated. Let me give you a better understanding of what I mean by this first selected film. Studio MARRION, as you may have guessed, decided to take the more difficult route of the two: without mincing words, Chisato Shoda - not one of my favorite actresses, but certainly of great technical ability and experience - is not the most suitable choice for this kind of film, preferring instead younger actresses with more curvaceous bodies than Chisato Shoda's. However, the lead actress manages to put on the plate not only a stratospheric sex menu, framing it in a more than respectable plot despite the genre, but she even manages to give a depth to the type of sex worker she's playing, such a 'healing escort' - to you any considerations about it. It should also be pointed out that the actress' particularly pervasive and inviting ass and breasts represent a considerable plus that, together with the actress' vast experience, manage to make an all in all successful production, or that - at any rate - exceeds expectations. If you are looking for a film of this type with an actress who is not juvenile, then you have found it, as long as it is within your tastes. I suggest in any case to give it a look: it is one of those films that you appreciate not from the trailer or the cover images, but just by watching it and understanding it.


JULIA −  "Married Wife is an Escort - Busty Wife Asked to Provide Escort Services..."

Movie PPPD-547
Studio OPPAI
Release Date Mar 30, 2017

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

Oh shit, here we go again. Another film starring the formidable JULIA, another guaranteed 120 minutes spent in paradise. As you know, I'm a huge fan of JULIA and I appreciate most of the productions of Studio OPPAI, of which I have reviewed many films on this blog, but - as mentioned above - we must admit that the studio and the director, with this film, have taken the easy way out. JULIA fits like a glove for this kind of film, and the reasons are there for all to see: a youngish and beautiful body, crazy curves, a face that is just right for these films. She is the perfect actress for so many genres of JAV, and this is one of them. Overall, I think this film is a notch above the first pick of this list, especially from a technical standpoint, as well as cast choice. You simply have to recognize that the lighting, the setting, the decent storytelling (lo and behold, another wifey who turns out to be an escort) and JULIA's stunning body couldn't help but make this film one of the best of its kind. In the introduction I was telling you about an homage to a dated but great title: it's this very film. It deserves all the compliments it gets. The sex is phenomenal, the threesome scenes are insane, the lead actress is on top form and projects all her sweet, romantic energy on the viewer throughout the film. This is a superb quality film and one that I, who have been watching JAV all my life, found no fault with - not one. Perhaps one of JULIA's best JAVs, and probably the best JAV involving a sex worker-themed performance out there, despite the years. Do yourself a favor and go watch this masterpiece now, I assure you that you will not regret it at all.


Rinsa Dan − "High Grade Escort With Big Tits And The Highest Return Rate For Masochistic Guests Makes Her Porn Debut"

Movie PPPD-916
Studio OPPAI
Cast Rinsa Dan
Release Date Apr 14, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

Studio OPPAI gives us not one, but two entries on this list of the best sex worker-themed JAVs. This production, in particular, is probably one of the most illustrative and representative of the genre. Starring the delightful Rinsa Dan, this film is probably the closest to perfection when it comes to this niche of JAVs. The previous film, which - as you may have read - I widely praised in every respect, especially for the choice of cast, has a storytelling formula that makes it slightly deviate from the theme we are dealing with today; however, being tangential to the macro-theme of sex workers, I decided to include it anyway. On the other hand, the previous film was about a wife who, for various plot reasons, is led to have sex with several men; however, this film portrays a Rinsa Dan who is an escort by profession: and not just any escort, mind you, but a "high grade escort" who, among her qualities, can show off a crazy body and breasts. As you can see from the cover of the film and from the images surrounding the text, Rinsa Dan's tits are widely exploited in every possible way and become almost the real protagonists of the film. In any case, from the use of oil in well-lit rooms with dark walls, to the better lit scenes of sexual intercourse in rooms colored in an almost heavenly white, this film can be considered at all a sexual excursion in which the aforementioned escort will accompany us to explore every possible pleasure of ours, hidden or not. The sudden changes of location and 'client' leads us to live many adventures together with the actress, thanks also to a crazy technical profile - Studio OPPAI, and I'll never stop repeating it, never sins under the technical profile: lighting, direction, photography. Everything is of the highest quality and the actress is just the icing on the cake. Watch it!


Hibiki Otsuki − "Seductive Escort Situations! Cowgirl Style Sex With Dirty Talk And Hard Pouding That Ends With A Creampie"

Movie XVSR-596
Studio Max A
Cast Hibiki Otsuki
Release Date May 29, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

If the previous film was about a high-class escort who fit into a certain level of economic and social context, then this film is exactly the opposite. Hibiki Otsuki, in this production signed Studio Max A, which we will learn to appreciate through this exact film, plays the role of a particularly seductive escort who, not having at her disposal a curvy and abundant body like the leading actress in the previous film, relies instead on her natural charm and dirty talk to seduce her clients. This is a very concentrated experience: the viewer is led by the actress to more or less similar premises, in which she will entertain the sexual relationship in the least professional way possible for an escort. The actress plays her role by playing a lot with the clients, continuously chatting with them in the most sensual way possible, and then initiating fantastic sex that will remain impressed on them as much as on you. From a genuinely technical point of view there is nothing to report, but not much to praise either. Most of the shots are not very imaginative and resume the standards that we have come to know by watching most of the commercial JAV that are around, the lighting is decent, but manages to excel when there is to emphasize and highlight the body of Hibiki Otsuki that is perfectly in line with my personal tastes. I'm a guy who obviously loves two big oppai, but prefers a more natural, 'worldly' body, if that makes sense to you. Hibiki Otsuki has exactly that kind of build and I think she fits perfectly into the sex scenes the studio wanted to come up with for this film. All in all, this is an enjoyable and fun movie with a very respectable lead actress that I began to appreciate even more after watching this film.


Hana Himesaki"Big Titty Escort"

Movie ONSG-035
Studio Gain Corporation
Cast Hana Himesaki
Release Date May 15, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

As is my good custom - and my most avid readers will already know this without a shadow of a doubt - at the end of each toplist I include an entry that, in my personal opinion, may constitute the perfect union between the films listed above, and therefore embodies the best qualities that characterized the latter, net of their personal flaws. This film is very unusual: it's one that many probably wouldn't have expected to find on this list, considering that the studio responsible - Studio Gain Corporation - has made just under 150 productions, despite the fact that the lead actress has worked on about a hundred films during her career. However, despite the apparent mediocrity of the film, which is evident from the presentation material and the title (which made me laugh at how trite it is; they really didn't put any effort into it, did they?) I decided to watch it anyway (I watch pretty much everything that comes my way, albeit filtering a little through the opinions of the other writers on the blog and in the community) and I have to admit: I liked it a lot. It's a middle ground between the best qualities of the third and the fourth entry on this list, and has as its main character the sweet Hana Himesaki who plays an escort neither of the highest class but not streetwise either, and adds to the table the fact that she wears very often skimpy costumes, such as the maid one - which, I must admit, looks particularly good on her. I'm not a huge fan of her appearance, but I still find her very pretty and seductive, especially thanks to her beautiful breasts that are exploited even more intelligently than in previous entries. The sex scenes are fantastic and well thought, and from a technical standpoint there is absolutely nothing to report. A good film that I would watch again and again without feeling bored.


That’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for sticking with me once again until the very end, and please let me know in the comments what you think about my picks and this kind of JAVs in general. I am always very happy to read about your suggestions, so don’t be shy! I thought about making this article for quite some time, as the theme of JAVs portraying sex workers isn’t exactly the most beloved one; still, I wanted to take my shot. Well then, see you soon and stay safe!


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