Hotel Massages Gone Wrong New Hires Edition 5 First Half

Published April 7, 2023

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Ordering a hotel masseuse in Tokyo is normally the same as ordering one anywhere else until a JAV studio has a hand in what happens when the door is closed.

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong New Hires Edition 5 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Every time we show one of these majestic hotel massage gone wrong movies, one really has to wonder:  does this ever happen in real life?  Yes, the pay is really poor, but do married masseuses--or ones quietly divorced and just trying to make do--ever go all the way (or part of the way) with eager clients?  On one hand, the proposed tips can be respectable.  On the other, their employment is on the line.  I don't know the hotel masseuse hiring environment in a city like Tokyo, but perhaps given just how many hotels there are, the risk of being discovered and thus sacked at one makes it all worth it.  Maybe.

What HOT ENTERTAINMENT began years ago and what I hope they return to once again as it's been awhile since they have actively shot in this series are JAV what-if scenarios on these types of massage happenings.  Originally, it was with older actresses and around the same time they released a kinda-sorta spin-off series starring younger and more recognizable faces with today and Monday's big 4 hour update being the fifth in the series.  HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG NEW HIRES EDITION 5 is pretty much the same as the previous with the exception of a few scenes shot in what seems to be a chiropractic office.  Those scenes are a bit out of place given the theme, but are still pretty good watches.

Five movies in and a theme that is relatively unchanged will not make for a detailed review.  If you've seen what has happened before, expect more of the same here with a new cast totaling a dozen therapists.  You will surely see some familiar faces especially with the very first scene, but it's always best when going into a movie like this where anonymity is where it's at to try and forget if you've seen so-and-so before and let the fantasy run riot.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1837

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic, for the most part.
+Varied body types with a focus on curvy and busty to most everyone's delight.


-Chiropractic scenes are out of place.
-Essentially the same as previous releases in the series.

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