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JAV Sales Report - February 2021

Depending on which country you're in you don't need a VPN (Fanza has gotten rid of the region block in a number of countries). You may need to clear your cache/cookies to get it to work. Otherwise, I believe FireFox and Opera have VPNs built into their browser (but yes VPN is the simplest way if you're still blocked).

Rara Anzai, it's been seven months and fifteen days

IIRC all this publicity is for the return of Rara in gravure. They mentioned something about it in November on Twitter and also on their agency page? They did the same thing with Yuko Ono (Aoi)

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Exclusive: Interview with Former JAV Star Yuu Sakura

We already have actress interviews ongoing, and are in the process of networking with more agencies/actresses to provide more interviews :)
Glad you enjoy the interviews!

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JAV Stars Best of Twitter 2020

Glad you liked it! Twitter is honestly a gold mine with undiscovered gems.

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SOD Collaboration with Natural High: Suzu Honjo

STARS-171 is great too! And yes, I'm really happy that Suzu (as well as other SOD stars) are doing collabs with Natural High... It's definitely refreshing to see them do something different and new :)

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