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Mangochin's Review: Kaho Shibuya - "The Japanese Porn Industry: Unmasked"

Yeah, I saw that it's existed... but honestly there's so many podcasts/YT channels (both active and defunct), that I decided to no longer keep up with them. Based off of all the memoirs, interviews, etc. everyone has a different experience and outlook of things. Their perception of life is just a piece to the puzzle that is reality.

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Mangochin's Review: Kaho Shibuya - "The Japanese Porn Industry: Unmasked"

That's what I've heard but, as I don't follow her, I had no confirmation, but that's what was claimed (which is why I put alleged)

And that's fair... it don't think it really contributed anything for me, more so solidified my information...but that's also because I have close contacts. Overall, I think everyone could learn something from it, but whether or not they think it's of value is completely subjective. I'll be posting some other reviews of books as well which you may or may not find more interesting.

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JAV Sales Report - February 2023

She never made an official statement (to my knowledge) but has moved to do other things like Fantia, photoshoots, and hostess stuff. You can find her on her twitter.

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End of An Era - Yua Mikami Set To Retire From AV!

Yua has continued to diversify her 'portfolio' and has been branching outside of AV for some time. Honestly, I am glad that she's leaving, because I think she will be much happier moving on to a new chapter in her life.

Regarding the laws, the studios have all navigated around it... Everyone has to retire at some point, I think it's just that because there's an increasing amount of actresses, eventually people will retire causing this unrest especially for people who may only have been in JAV more recently (let's say from when Yua started). So you can expect more names to retire within the next couple years, but you will also continue to see an increase in actresses. It's now just a factor of what the landscape looks like post-COVID (referring to other platforms).

S1, as well as many other studios have promising new stars so it'll give them a chance to grow. I think for S1 there's 3 who have already taken that flagship place, so this move only will cement their places, while allowing Yua to leave on a 'happy' note.

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JAV Comeback Wishlist

Keep on dreaming :)

If I were to make a list, it'd be comprised of all actresses who don't want to come back (not any of the 'big' names in western culture)... so I'll just leave it as is... unless...

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