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ZENRA Exclusive Interview with JAV Actress June Lovejoy

Thank you! I think it helps that June has an idea of what the fans want and is willing to open up more easily. Regardless, we're still going to do our best at aiming questions that will give fans the best exposure possible. Also, June checks her Twitter comments, so I'm sure she'd be interested to hear what fans want to see!

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Fried Chikan's Actress Spotlight: Minami Aizawa Part 1

Links are disabled in the comments section for safety purposes. If you want to share, feel free to send an email to ZENRA through the contact section, or you can check my bio for my twitter and shoot me a DM there (and I'd be happy to share with the rest of the writers).

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Eimi Fukada, android sexual relation, makes apology (NOT)

NG= No Good; No NG in this context (I assume) means No NSFW stuff or things that would violate YouTube ToS (Terms of Service).
SNS= Social Networking Service aka Social Media (term popularly used in South Korea and Japan)

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ZENRA Exclusive Interview with JAV Actress June Lovejoy

Yeah, glad you enjoyed it! June is definitely making an impact on the industry, so we were really excited to be able to interview her :)

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Panking's Top 5 Most Underwhelming JAV Careers

Hina's latest agency switch has caused a slower release of titles. Whether by choice, or not (and whether the incident was just bad timing), I'm doubtful that she'll reach the top, but I will remain a fan nonetheless. In my opinion, the best thing for her career right now would be to just film MGS films, as she'll need a comeback.

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