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JAV News - May 2021 Edition by Mangochin

Yeah. That's why there's definitely business appeal to move out especially if you have a site that can handle it. As for an international site... I doubt anything will happen in the near future... the most I see Prestige doing in the next 3 years or so would be adding in auto-English translate to the site. The 70% cut comes with the benefits of being on the biggest distributor, website templates, DRM support, and convenience that most studios still use DMM/guaranteed customer base.

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JAV News - May 2021 Edition by Mangochin

Yeah, I know there's a lot of readers and writers who've been waiting for Meguri (myself included) to return to shooting.

Prestige will be completely fine IMHO. The benefit of DMM is that everything can be bought all in the same place, it's already well known and used. The downside for them is essentially, there is a smaller chance of new foreigners buying from them, just because of the lack of knowledge that the site exists. As for creating a new competing platform, Prestige already has that ( which has been functional, it just isn't foreigner-friendly. Studios could stop selling via DMM, but then they need something with a guaranteed customer-base, DRM protection, etc. Not to mention, by being a part of DMM, it allows them to use the website layouts iirc (which is why studios websites look nice). Also most studios have already had connections with DMM (and were owned by it at one point) so a lot of it attributes to loyalty/ Japanese business/traditional values I guess...

Also, Prestige's main studio (like the ABP/ABW series) isn't my cup of tea either, but their amateur stuff is pretty solid (the epitome of vanilla IMO)

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Kaho Shibuya Trash Taste Podcast Highlights

I think the stigma from AV is one that can't be left behind, especially in a society like Japan. Kaho supposedly was an anime fan before she got into AV, and already did cosplay stuff (or so I'm told?). Honestly I'd say Ai Uehara is more respectable in the fact that she's trying to turn over a new leaf. Obviously her keeping the AV stage name has helped her maintain fans, but in Japan she's well-known even outside of AV which arguably justifies her continual usage (and let's face it, it's not like she's doing so much better off than she was previously; I haven't looked at the numbers but I presume for the most part she's lost out quite a bit).
I'll write a response to the Kaho question a bit later... I'm having trouble with finding the right words to accurately depict my opinion on the matter (but it's not favorable).

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OF of Anri Okita causes OOF for some fans

I believe she didn't create the PMV. A fan created the PMV using an AI, and she took the PMV anyways. Either way, I agree it is "scummy". Honestly glad I was never a fan of her. (Oops the cat is out of the bag now). On the bright side, the fact that she's switching around doing random things every few years (stint as a singer, now stint as some sort of oracle) only suggests that she may be fine on money but isn't finding any long term happiness.

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You Should Be Watching: Nao Jinguji

First video code should be HND-748. Cheers!

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