Azusa Nagasawa in Sultry and Diaphanous

Published June 17, 2015

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Azusa Nagasawa stars in one of her last Japanese AV titles featuring excessively hardcore uncensored scenes with exclusive English subtitles.

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Azusa Nagasawa in Sultry and Diaphanous Uncensored
with English Subtitles

The average lifespan of a Japanese AV star is only about two years.  Not many last longer.  Some don't even last their first shoot.  They say the industry is turning away women left and right.  Perhaps if it's woman wanting to be superstars right away, but nearly any woman even with sub-standard looks and a questionable attitude and mental standing can find work in Japan's ever-growing adult industry.  AV stars are the most visible of course.  Unlike hostesses and brothel workers whose faces are oftentimes blurred in advertisements, the visage of Japan's top adult video stars are front and center.

Azusa Nagasawa is one such star who burned brightly up front for well over two years.  Including a half year 'mental recharge' gap, she was active in the AV scene pumping out titles rather regularly up until 2013.  She finally had enough of the industry and wanted to leave to have a more quiet life.  Fortunately, going by her off-camera demeanor, she has a good head on her shoulders and most likely is one of the smarter adult video stars who saved her money rather than wasting it away.  Thus, she has a rather hefty nest egg to give her a head start in any future business endeavor.

Frequently Japanese adult video stars who plan on retiring may break a few moral bans they have amassed over the years.  When the end-times arrive, some opt to finally appear in harder titles.  Some finally allow anal access and others take on multiple men at the same time.  Roles of extreme submission are common as well.  Another trend becoming more and more popular these last few years and almost certainly is causing domestic Japanese production companies some worry is the burgeoning uncensored Japanese AV industry.

It's hard to call production companies like the mammoth DREAMROOM a 'rogue' company.  They're simply too large.  They don't play by the same rules as a domestic company, that's for sure.  Hell, they don't even play the same game.  Located outside of Japan and opting not to release their work domestically, they produce and generally sell movies through their own custom network to much success.  This network has attracted many Japanese AV stars--both long-running favorites such as Azusa Nagasawa and curious newcomers as well.

Appearing in productions without any mosaic is the final frontier of extreme exposure and it's quite often the final step before retirement for famous AV stars. 

Why do they do it?  Why finally appear with no mosaic censorship?  Money, of course.  The pay--especially for a famous AV star--to appear in an uncensored title is incredibly high.  We are unable to disclose the amount on ZENRA due to contract privacy, but articles in Japanese magazines have noted the pay to be in the low 5-figures (USD).

This is the financially illimitable environment that Azusa Nagasawa agreed to enter into as her final farewell to appearing naked in film.  Great pay and showing her dear fans her true body without any restrictions is the swan song of this voluptuous AV star who goes the extra mile for extreme satisfaction.

Giving a scene summary of SULTRY AND DIAPHANOUS with AZUSA NAGASAWA is not really that necessary.  As you can see from the above screenshots, it's a rather hardcore title.  Those wanting a great story with a gradual buildup from the first scene to the heavy finale will not be pleased.  This title follows the format of her other uncensored release as it is essentially a collection of heavy and hard scenes without any connection to those that come before and after it.  All star Azusa Nagasawa of course and both the first and final scenes also feature Jun Odagiri who is a master of smooth-talking, but also needs to get his wheezing under control (smoking a pack a day certainly does not help).

In spite of the hardcore nature of Azusa Nagasawa's final release, there still is a lot of chatter.  Most of it features ZENRA's English subtitle treatment.  However, as she noted in her interview, she does love talking dirty during sex.  Subtitles are provided when and where possible, but when her talking starts sounding as if she was speaking in tongues, even the most skilled subtitler needs to raise his hands in frustration.

Farewell Azusa Nagasawa!  Will she return like many AV stars do after their 'first' retirement?  Perhaps she will some years down the line and appear in milf titles.  It can happen, it has happened, and it may happen with her.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 711

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