Azusa Nagasawa Uncensored Aggressive Orgasm

Published April 12, 2014

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Recently retired Japanese AV star with a rare hourglass figure and larger than average breasts performs her group themed swan song uncensored with subtitles.

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Azusa Nagasawa in Aggressive Orgasm Uncensored
with English Subtitles

Azusa Nagasawa has a face made for cupping. Featuring round cheeks, firm--but not darting cheekbones, and doe-eyes that almost seem to take inspiration from anime rather than lucky genetics. She also has been blessed with considerably larger than normal breasts capped by expansive, light magenta areolas and isn't bashful about giving them much-needed exposure. Down below...well, there's certainly nothing to complain about down there and for those hoping for an unrestricted view--an uncensored view without any mosaic--are in for a pleasant one hundred minutes as Azusa Nagasawa proudly bares all in her first mosaic-less feature on Zenra.

Knowing Azusa Nagasawa is a key element to truly appreciate this relatively straight-forward and prurient production. Unfortunately, story is lacking, but for fans of this quite popular (and sadly retired as of January, 2014) Japanese AV star, the visual feast of debauchery that unfolds will be very welcome. Cozy romantic lovemaking between two lovers is nowhere to be found. In its place, threesomes of the devil's variety take hold where two turgid poles connected to insatiable man-juice receptacles enter Azusa through available holes: her slit and the 'mouth-pussy'--a moniker surprisingly coined by Azusa herself during the third scene in a very indecent moment involving a slurpy oral chain of events gone wrong (or right if you're a fan of one mouth sheltering two stiff members).

Although fans of the more complex and deep storylines found in some of the more alternative productions on Zenra may express less than profound interest in Azusa Nagasawa's latest love romp, those looking for a more vanilla-oriented breather that still allows full immersion via full and exclusive English subtitles will be very pleased.

Pleasure toys such as a vibrating wand and string-based erotic instruments are briefly introduced, but hastily take second stage when the dual phallic stars of the show enter from stage left. Although a story isn't provided per say, it's easy to imagine Azusa Nagasawa playing the role of a nefarious Japanese call-girl spending 'quality time' with two well-endowed and certainly not bed-shy men who want to give and receive a whole deal of pleasure--first orally and then...

The latter end of this licentious production features advanced sexual techniques between voluptuous--albeit marginally thick-boned AV star and slim and muscular male companions. Going well beyond the comforts of missionary style, we see Azusa Nagasawa in all her nude and flush-faced busty glory waging battle against gravity as she's lifted up with legs folded for suspended intercourse placing her halfway between ceiling and floor, but firmly in the sweaty yet firm palms of her temporary paramour.

Although the level of oddness remains at minimal levels during the witnessing of Azusa Nagasawa's Aggressive Orgasm (and going by her display of pleasure, her ability to reach extremis is unmatched!), the welcome exclusion of mosaic directly addresses and issue that at times may negatively effect the appreciation of hardcore Japanese adult video. Also, subtitles--especially the somewhat dialog-heavy final scene add the necessary ingredients needed for true comprehension. Group sex of the devil's choosing may be the name of the game, but dialog--exclusively subtitled dialog--plays a key part in migrating from one point to another down this voluptuous Japanese AV star's sauntering stroll into the salacious.

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