Kaede from Tokyo, Freshly Married and Curious

Published February 16, 2022

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The end result of marrying way too soon: secret JAV career featuring some especially kinky play.

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Kaede from Tokyo, Freshly Married and Curious
Timing and Translation by JM84

Given the sheer size of the Tokyo metropolitan area, even if the distance between one's home and one's spouse's workplace isn't far, you've a lot of leeway to engage in acts most would see as forbidden, but somehow get away with it.  That pretty much nails down the entire motif we see again and again in all these wonderful cheating wife JAV movies:  women with husbands who just don't care deciding it's safer to satisfy their desires with a proper and professional film crew rather than taking the delivery route (though it should be known, most older/married women who do appear in JAV usually do delivery for a little bit first to see how they handle infidelity).  This brings us to KAEDE (as usual, no last name given).

KAEDE FROM TOKYO, FRESHLY MARRIED AND CURIOUS perfectly sums up this unfaithful wife release by GUTS.  If you've seen the other movies they've shot in this series that we've shown over the years, you should have a strong idea as to what happens in this one because it doesn't really add anything new into the mix.  As I've noted before, change isn't always a requirement for a good JAV.  Sure, seeing the SAME actress doing the SAME type of movie again and again is a bore (looking at you, certain A-listers on exclusive deals!), but taking the same theme and dare I say it the same 'set' (a hotel in this case) with similar types of play, but with a different face each time is A-OK in my book.  GUTS knows that is what fans want--something easy to digest, but with fresh beauty each time--and delivered again and again.

Given her age, calling KAEDE a MILF is beyond the pale.  She's way too young for that.  She's on the other side of the spectrum:  as the title implies newly married and perhaps that in itself was a mistake.  With her friends probably still free as uncaged birds going through their own endless rumspringa, Kaede may have jumped the gun with marriage a bit too soon.  Perhaps that's why she opted to go the JAV route.  After all, the actor is tested and the situation is closed and secure.  Could her husband approve of such keen infidelity planning?  Doubtful unless he's really into cuckolding and my money's on most Japanese men preferring their wives remaining faithful WHILE they sometimes seek pleasures elsewhere.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 686

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Adorable casting.
+Possibly the real deal.
+Shower lotion play scene very well done.


-Definitely a low-budget movie given its reliance on filming almost entirely in a hotel.
-Mosaic thick at times, thin at others.  Perhaps we can call this bipolar pixelation.