Affair With a Tennis Jukujo

Published April 13, 2016

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Gregarious and bubbly Japanese wife with too much free time and a passion for tennis and sex meets her paramour for an afternoon love hotel date by DREAMROOM.

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Affair With a Tennis Jukujo
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KUMI, the star of today's uncensored full HD update at ZENRA, looks like a picturesque wife from Ashiya, an area a few stops from Kobe's Sannomiya station that's known for the high net worth of its residents.  She's perky, talkative, and you'd think breasts her size and shape are fake, but they're surprisingly natural.

She's bored though...real bored.  Bored enough to play tennis for hours on end waiting for her paramour to pick her up for an afternoon 'refresher' at a nearby love hotel.

Just like many other women attached to well-off, but always busy husbands, ennui is a serious concern that needs a good deal of taking care of.  KUMI's a city woman obviously so free time certainly cannot be spent doing gosh-knows-what in rice fields.  Onion and cabbage harvest just ended as of writing this and her crouching in dirty fields pulling out onions one by one is unimaginable!  (and yes, this is how it's actually done!  We do it at ZENRA sometimes on weekends!)

Also, like many other wives of successful Japanese businessmen (you can't call 6-figure earners salarymen anymore), she's young and still has many 'needs' that are not being met.  Toys and videos can only go so far thus 'help from friends' is where she turns and that's where stocky, but outgoing Ken-chan comes into play.

Styled eyebrows aside, we like Ken.  He gives off a pleasant vibe of a gentleman who's introvertedly charismatic and very horny when the time's right.  In AFFAIR WITH A TENNIS JUKUJO--jukujo being Japanese for a slightly older woman--he whisks KUMI away for a brief, but salient bout of lovemaking.

Technically, he wasn't alone.  Although this title gave off a pseudo-date vibe at times like this previous update with another unfaithful wife, there definitely was an extra cameraman handy to get some unique shots that would not have been possible if Ken-chan was doing camera duty totally on his own.

Actual sex in TENNIS JUKUJO was rather quick, but powerful.  Foreplay itself lasted well over half an hour before the teasing of insertion began.  We're not complaining though; KUMI put up a hell-of-a show.  She's fun, vocal, and is anything but shy with showing off her body.  Our only grumbles come from the extreme overuse of 'kimochi' for this release.

'Kimochi' basically means 'to feel good' and of course you'll hear it used very often in a Japanese adult video, but KUMI takes this a level almost unwelcome by using the beloved expression of pleasure nearly every 30 seconds for a good chunk of this update.  Our apologies if we elected to skip subtitling its use as the production runs its course.  We figure even non-Japanese speakers would have a decent idea of what the word means after watching the first three-quarters of this release.

Being an uncensored title, expect a good deal of close-ups.  Since nothing needed to be covered, the cameraman got on his knees to take some stupendous shots you rarely see in censored titles.  TENNIS JUKUJO also made good use of an actual racket by first rubbing it to an fro across KUMI's large and very erect nipples before taking the handle and...well, you can see that one for yourself.

Overall, we like KUMI, but it does not appear like she has starred in any other titles--or if she has, she used an alternate stage name making it near impossible to find any more information.  This is a mild problem for fans of certain 'amateur' actresses, but flitting from one production to another with a Rolodex of alternate stage names makes it harder to be caught in real life making woman like KUMI who truly may be (happily?) married have a safe and lascivious outlet to give and receive pleasure in a way her husband cannot provide.

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