Yuki Mizuho and Karin Asamiya - Soapland Twin Course

Published January 27, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Why hire one soapland queen when you can get two for twice the price? Performed raw, without pulling out, and of course no mosaic.

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Yuki Mizuho and Karin Asamiya - Soapland Twin Course
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

I don't think there's a single man on this planet who dislikes soaplands.  Is it even possible?  You have a curvy Japanese woman wearing nothing but a smile and perhaps some well-placed body jewelry who gives you the massage of a lifetime complete with super slick clear lotion.  Said massage is as naughty as they come and if rumors are true, not only is full sex on the table, it's often done raw.  Risky?  You bet.  Cheap?  Far from it (beware any soaplands that clearly list 'full' prices on their home pages!).  A trope JAV uses again and again?  Yea, but can you really complain?  Soaplands are as Japanese as they come and they're a feast for the eyes and other senses too.

Today via DREAMROOM we return with a very special release due to it starring not one, but two women.  Their names?  Listed above and throwing in a small dose of reality, I'm sure most subscribers have not heard of either as they both pretty much did a few uncensored movies before fading back into normalcy.  My money's on both having night work experience including working in soaplands.  What they do actually requires a learning curve and even though the second scene in SOAPLAND TWIN COURSE began with a short demonstration, we probably were seeing something closer to fan service than an actual new hire being shown the (very sticky) ropes.

This is a great movie.  I'm not going to try to find flaws because frankly, we're provided something that is almost as good as it gets.  It's uncensored, stars two very cute actresses with bodies and personalities that compliment each other, features great sex, features raw sex, and features totally real creampies.  It even features extra risky sex!  One thing among many that caught my attention was the sex in the soapland scene.  We see one woman dismount and switch with the other with zero cuts.  An actor going in raw from one partner to another without any preparation is something that absolutely should not be done at home and rarely is done in 'proper' (read: censored/legit) JAV, but happens sometimes in carefree uncensored releases.  My take:  so long as everyone's tested beforehand, you only live once, right?

I can't speak for the performance of the two actors.  I don't care and I mean this as a good thing.  The director was wise to focus pretty much entirely on the women with the men serving more as stunt dicks.  Aside from a few moments of questionably jerky camera-work, we get pristine footage of two beauties nearly naked from start to finish showing us unfortunate home viewers just how amazing Japanese soaplands can be.  Given the current climate, if you do end up in Japan, this may be an ideal time to visit one as they're desperate for customers.  Even those infamous 'no foreigners' ones will probably open their doors language barrier be damned!  Until then, YUKI and KARIN's performance in SOAPLAND TWIN COURSE will have to suffice.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 345

4 Files 2.06GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Two very pretty actresses.
+Fantastic footage.
+Raw sex including some extra risky moments.
+Real creampies.


-Camera was sometimes jerky.
-Dialog began to repeat itself.

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