Mai Konishi - Who Said Anything About a Facial?

Published July 18, 2018

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Bareback amateur nanpa with a creampie finish plus big surprise bonus facial in this uncensored release by DREAMROOM.

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Mai Konishi - Who Said Anything About a Facial?
with English Subtitles


A risky street interview landed me 21 year-old office lady Mai Konishi.  ‘Would you be interested in taking part in a photography shoot?’ is what I asked and while her skeevy radar gave off a red alert, she replied somewhat in the affirmative with a hesitant ‘uh...sure’.  Score!  With her guard down I convinced her upskirts and more were on the menu as we made our way to the location:  a hotel.

While she looks the strong type, she sizzled like eggs on hot summer pavement as I requested her to pose in increasingly lewd ways.  First, of course, was getting her on all fours so I could gaze at her panties.

Mai, being a real girl and obviously not an adult video plant, really did do this after a full day at work; her panties proved it!  Somewhat used and with the slight discoloration only random droplets of urine could make were obvious and I pointed this out much to her chagrin.

Upon closer inspection, her panties still appeared to be damp though I believe it was from a different kind of liquid:  arousal juice.  Could my clumsy photography advances really be turning this office lady on?  What I do know for sure is she made a suspicious lack of fuss when I started moving her panties aside so I could take close-ups of her extra special holes.  I took so many I almost had to switch SD cards on the fly!

Soon enough the silly pretense of me taking pictures of this quite naked and quite aroused amateur were thrown to the curb.  We did it.  We did it hard.  We did it intensely and we did it raw.  Being a gentleman, I elected to conclude my performance inside of her.  However, that’s where things * really * got interesting.

Yes, the two titles MAI KONISHI did once upon a time sans mosaic for one of DREAMROOM's sites we showed out of order.  Sorry!  Truth be told, they are not one connected story and while we mistakenly put the second release up first, there's nothing in terms of spoilers.  And besides, if I had to pick sides, we saved the better one for last.

Our first go-around with MAI was a pretty decent amateur nanpa title.  It didn't really leave a huge mark, but it was a fun 63 minutes of uncensored JAV that fans of amateur women should enjoy very much.

Today, in WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A FACIAL?, we see a title that pushes the format a bit harder.  This time around the dialog packs a punch and happens a lot.  While this movie may 'only' run 64 minutes, it took quite awhile to work on with all the back-and-forth banter, but the payoff is worth it.  Besides, this is one of those titles where all that talking leads to a great understanding of why MAI is there doing an adult video in the first place (something I'm sure many people are curious about!).

Just like a title we showed a year or two ago also by DREAMROOM, we see a surprise bukkake that leaves MAI a bit flustered.  What she thought was originally an innocent one-on-one photography club shoot that kinda-sorta got off the rails with bareback sex turned into something highly salacious and unexpected.

MAI KONISHI may not be a priceless beauty, but her girl-next-door looks should go well with many of our fans.  We actually find releases that start women with more 'natural' looks go well better with our fanbase.  Thus, while we all enjoy seeing pretty people have sex, there's something special about seeing a private look at 'real' people going at it too.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 723

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