My Date with Unstable Mao Suzuki

Published May 3, 2017

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Unstable Mao Suzuki is back and this time is in the driver seat of a pseudo date title where you play her mute boyfriend in an uncensored release by DREAMROOM.

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My Date with Unstable Mao Suzuki
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MAO SUZUKI is a pretty weird girl and frankly, I probably would turn down any advances she makes if *she* was the one doing the approaching.  Heck, if I was an actor, after seeing her near manic performance in the previous title we showed with her the other month, I'd probably turn down the role.  After all, as the saying goes:  you don't stick your dick in crazy.

Granted, there's probably even more unhinged women out there in Japan, but MAO's still the type one may be best to avoid.  She's not all bad, however.  Body-wise, her lower half is incredibly commendable.  Her thick thighs, the butt that never ends, and when she!  One can almost forgive her strange on-and-off tsundere personality with what she brings to the table in the form of her fierce sexuality.

We actually had MY DATE WITH UNSTABLE MAO SUZUKI set to be released for quite awhile and it wasn't until we fired it up in our subtitling software did we remember that this DREAMROOM title has a pseudo date theme.  We last saw it with (an admittedly better) title starring AI UEHARA put out last year by MOBSTERS.  That one had a longer running time and is a better example of how censored usually dominates uncensored Japanese AV when it comes to slick production (the short:  uncensored titles cost more to make, but that's because the actress gets a lot more--studios then end up hiring way less producion staff than what's really needed and/or paying them a lot less).

In MY DATE, MAO still comes off as a bit unhinged.  It's not as *crazy* as our previous outing with her, but with that still on our minds (and yours if you dared to watch it), you may have second thoughts about exploring MAO's naturally hairy and razor-shy private areas.  This one goes a bit further into hardcore territory via the use of a anal vibrator.  It remains in her a mighty long time.  In fact during the final few minutes of mostly POV-shot coitus, you can hear it buzzing nearly nonstop and it seemed to do the trick of keeping MAO solidly into her well-liked erotic zone though 'crazy' MAO SUZUKI felt only a thin wall away from emerging.

I do have to hand it to MAO SUZUKI for putting off a pretty sound performance that rested almost entirely on her shoulders.  Being a date title, MY DATE WITH… relied on a strong female lead since the actor remains mute.  She handled the job above satisfactory in keeping both the viewer and her 'boyfriend' hooked on her.  Dialog wasn't too intense though and this certainly made for easy work when subtitling.  We've seen date titles that incorporate a lot more conversion, but MAO was more about outright sexual gratification in a car, in a hotel room, and in a hotel room once again.

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