Chinami Kasai Becomes Your Pet

Published June 30, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Adorable, cutesy, almost always totally naked, and really, really loves creampies. Chinami Kasai is truly the ideal pet.

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Chinami Kasai Becomes Your Pet
Timing and Translation by Jimi Hentai

Who here is a fan of overly cutesy Japanese woman?  There's a term for this:  burikko.  Once popular in the 80's, it still remains a mainstay to this very day.  You may see it often with older women (and some men) who almost without thinking speak in a higher tone when taking phone calls.  There's also moe which consists of being smothered by said cuteness in a way that makes you feel warm all over.  Take both concepts, add cat ears, include a very pretty JAV star who just hates--hates, I tell ya!--wearing clothes, and you get CHINAMI KASAI BECOMES YOUR PET.

This is a simple affair, but done really well.  I'm borrowing something I say almost too often in these reviews:  this is another example of the studio--DREAMROOM in this instance--firing on all cylinders.  It's uncensored, of course.  It has solid production values featuring some great lighting, sound, and even a fun plot.  The actress is cute and doesn't mind being the receiver of a real creampie.  All in all, this is good.  You should watch it.

OK, ending the review there would be something of a cop-out.  But really, BECOMES YOUR PET is just a cute, simple JAV movie that checks all the right boxes of what one hopes to see in a movie like this.  I don't want to dig for faults where faults can't be found.  I lament the fact that CHINAMI KASAI never had much of a career.  I dislike the fact that both those actors got to do something I never got the invitation for.  I love the lack of pixels, the real nakadashi, and even the overtly cutesy cat play was well-done.  I like this movie.  You should too.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 505

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great production values for uncensored JAV.
+Very cute actress nails her role.
+Real creampie finish.


-Solo masturbation portion may have slightly overstayed its welcome.

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