CFNM Japanese Nude Art Class

Published August 3, 2010

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese students assemble for a nude art sketching class led by a amorous teacher with brilliant sable hair who ensures CFNM models stay erect with subtitles.

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Naked Art Class
with English Subtitles

Being a nude art model is actually a pretty hard gig. Imagine staying in one place in some pose no matter how natural and comfortable it may seem at first can become quickly and without a doubt a trying experience even for seasoned nude model veterans. This matters even worse when you are a guy and all of the people painting you and the teacher herself are all thirty-something Japanese milfs who can't seem to pull their eyes off your rising cock even though they are supposed to be sketching a bust!

Imagine now that this scenario is taken up a further notch as the cute cougar instructor noticing your plight has students one by one and sometimes in groups for the really shy ones, come up and get a closer look at your body and are even encouraged to 'feel around' to settle their curiosities.

Our teacher in this class sure knows what's up and has some more sultry plans lined up after the first break period. As the students paint, she instructs you to lie face up and spread eagle so your most private regions are 100% exposed for the artists-in-training. However, what you didn't realize before you applied for the job was that this was not your average nude art class but one that is about putting pen to parchment to sketch acts of love-making. Before you know it, the milf teacher with the raven hair is now only 'wearing' that hair and walks over to you in her birthday suit to begin a fuck session that her students will do their best to sketch out for a high letter grade.

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