Nude at the Office Japan

Published February 23, 2010

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

In order to raise company morale, Japanese office workers including a beautiful, ithe female executive attend their daily activities totally in the nude.

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Nude At the Office
Part One

Imagine being in a normal Japanese office for a moment. Its open-air environment is a massive contrast to the cubicle farms that make up the offices in western countries. The biggest reason is due to Japan's focus on the group acting as one whereas individuality and personal performance is stressed and encouraged in the west.

Although most Japanese companies nowadays are still male dominated, women are taking a more proactive role in the office environment that goes well beyond being a simple office lady or “OL” whose daily tasks consists of such trivial things like refilling coffee and basic office maintenance. However, due to the insane work hours many a salaryman (and salarywoman) now work, something must change in order for everyone to regain sanity.

Our company in question recently has been suffering a bit of a morale issue and to combat this, the head exec who happens to be a very lithe, very attractive, and an all-out outstanding piece of work decides to go to work one day totally in the nude. Her employees knowing that she has the power to hire and fire at will do their best to ignore her nudity and continue work as usual (though their bathroom breaks become more frequent and longer for some reason...).

It's not too much longer when other female employees begin working in the nude as well in order to get a thrill of showing off their nude bodies in a public environment and can do so without worrying about being harassed. Watch as things as mundane as making copies and picking up a pencil can turn into quite a visual treat when it's performed by a cute Japanese girl who decided one day to go naked at work.

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Nude At the Office
Part Two

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