Japanese Facesitting Body Esthetic

Published October 2, 2007

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Visit a unique massage clinic in Japan where all masseuses strip stark naked and rest on the faces of their clients during treatment with subtitles.

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Face Sitting Body Esthetic
with English Subtitles

Welcome to a clinic that successfully merges the sensual with the sexual and it's fully staffed solely by young nymphomaniac Japanese girls who want nothing more than to see their repeat clients coming, cuming, and leaving with a smile (and a lighter wallet!).

The focus of this clinic as the title implies is on the healthiness, cleanliness, and of course, happiness of the male 'crotch' area. Why crotch and not 'groin'? Most likely because the latter sounds a bit too medical. Crotch can cover so many more meanings to which these girls take and use and distort to their and their client's pleasures.

In one example, we are greeted by two staff members, one the senior who is instructing the younger trainee on the way to perform a facial ass massage. As the name implies, we are treated to the visual delight of two totally naked Japanese cuties—one a milf and the other a 20 year old part time college student—gently sliding their oiled up ass cheeks all over a relaxed client's face as they both take turns giving him a handjob from this unique angle. After the ass cheek portion runs its course, they slightly alter their positions from side-by-side to top and bottom so now their soaked pussy lips are sliding to and fro across this happy soon-to-be-repeat customer's blissful mug.

On top of standard services such as massages both medicinal and sensual (if they weren't partially medicinal, the insurance companies wouldn't cover it!), there are 'extra' services as well such as various 'release' packages that take the client all the way to cumpletion and beyond sometimes with the aid of multiple sets of hands and mouths. We even get to see a first-hand example of a rare double male orgasm which is summed up by having their client achieve his first steamy cumshot while one of the naked staff member's has her cute Japanese slit and asshole positioned with pinpoint accuracy over his mouth while continuing to massage his cock in a special trained way that at first leaves him moaning not so much in pleasure but moments later, he miraculously hardens again and shoots another load in the blink of an eye to the delight and surprises of his naughty crotch treatment masseuses!

All in all, this is yet another example of one's wildest fantasy becoming a thrilling and electrifying reality of handjobs,CFNM, group loving, face-sitting, and oil massages all wrapped up into one very satisfying package.

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