Rumi Kijima - Hairy Japanese Wife Going the Limit Outdoors

Published May 1, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Rumi Kijima: super cute, super short, surprisingly married, unshaved, loves the outdoors, loves facials, hates rubbers, but there’s a catch. Bring earphones.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Imagine swiping and landing on a relatively cute Japanese girl. Or maybe not even that. Off the app! Imagine a real life introduction at a random 'international party' because yes, while RUMI KIJIMA may not totally have the 'gaijin hunter' look to her, she definitely seems to possess the ingredients to become one in about five years. Married? Somehow, but the world is full of surprises. The second biggest of course is her massive thatch that would make even TSUBAKI KATOU stare daggers at if they ever were cast together when the former was still active.

But yes, folks, her pubic hair--and gosh there's a lot of it!--is the second biggest surprise. The first is something else and unlike 'under-hair', this one's a bit intense. Look, aside from pixels, the biggest complaint one hears about JAV is how the women sound. You get some rarities like NAO JINGUUJI who are as authentic as they get, but more often than not, it's best to turn the volume down to avoid long-term hearing issues. Neither NAO's natural shrieks nor JAV Standard can prepare one, however, for what RUMI KIJIMA brings to the table. Natural or's unique.

Until preparing HAIRY JAPANESE WIFE GOING THE LIMIT OUTDOORS (a somewhat misnomer as the outdoor play only happens briefly in the first act via some lovely remote control vibrator antics), I had no idea there can be women who sound like a young moose suffering from late stage rabies. OK, maybe not that bad. Let's be nice. If one ever was curious how a cute Japanese spiritual medium way deep into a seance sounds while also being pleasured raw from behind, this is your movie. I warn you: it is QUITE intense and for some--may, perhaps--a turn-off that cute looks, natural hair, and a facial finish (in uncensored? For real?!) may not be able to alleviate.

If some type of petite succubus transported to our dimension whose sole purpose was doing a relatively suave JAV actor in order to absorb his seminal output, it very well be RUMI KIJIMA. Her reaction after receiving his ejaculate at the end is both powerful and a bit spooky. All in all, a strange actress who actually debuted with this movie by DREAMROOM who went on soon after to film a dozen mainstream JAV releases with a hodgepodge of larger studios before bowing out. As it may not be easy to tell in HAIRY JAPANESE WIFE GOING THE LIMIT OUTDOORS, RUMI is quite short at 150 cm (4'9") thus even though she's a cutie, even this industry which rewards shorter women whom gravure may spurn could only offer her so much. Let's all hope what we get in today's update is more of an act because there are few apartments on Tokyo let alone earth that can keep those caterwauls at bay.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 255

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute amateur in her debut release.

+Natural pubic hair...very expansive!

+Nice outdoor remote control vibrator play.


-The moans, oh God, the moans.

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