Our Year End Amateur High Tension Bus Tour Party First Half

Published December 18, 2019

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Japanese amateurs go on a condom-free bus tour featuring sex in front of friends and a naked mountain hike via DREAMROOM.

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Our Year End Amateur High Tension Bus Tour Party First Half
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA
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OUR YEAR END AMATEUR HIGH TENSION BUS TOUR PARTY is sort of like a 10Musume dream team release.  Take five actresses--three of which we've shown in previous uncensored titles, throw 'em on a bus, include lots of sex, some public exposure, of course an unchained nearly hour long nonstop hotel orgy, and you get the nuts and bolts of one of the most impressive mosaic-free titles we've ever shown.

This was a tough one to work on due to the near endless barrage of dialog and took way longer than normal to prep for release.  However, we think the nature of the beast is well worth the sweat and tears needed to make this an English-captioned reality.  In other words, DREAMROOM did good here.  Very good, actually.  When you need to reference an uncensored JAV title that's firing on all cylinders, look no further than this one.

It's massive too.  The two halves taken together run over three hours and features many a location change.  While still amateur at its core, we're given a bare-bones approach to the famous 'bus tour' genre of JAV and the output is actually really well done.  Sure, the cameraman/director is loquacious (usually a minus in my book), but it works here.  He's talkative, but in a way that increases the near bacchanalian tension.   His sidekick, the female host whom I thought would simply be another participant also does a sound job.  Sure, she's no MYUU, but I enjoyed how she was able sound both super psyched and in a constant state of erotic shock at the same time.  It's far harder than you can imagine.

Do note aside from the middle section of the first half, full-on penetration is not the focus of the early portion of this massive title.  You get nudity--lots of it--and some light sexual play on the bus.  You also get them stripping naked and shouting profane insanities from the top of a mountain.  And going back to the actual sex--yes, there is an amazing 'sex while friends watch' moment going on too.

For fans of orgies, it's the second half of OUR YEAR END AMATEUR HIGH TENSION BUS TOUR that will be a movie that truly earns its epic status.  There, we get almost a solid hour of hard sex.  It's mosaic-free and condom-free,  It's the type of orgy you'd really only see in a MOBSTERS title, but done here in FHD and without a single pixel.  The only thing I could deduct points for is that it wasn't a creampie orgy.  My money's on this being a financial decision as we've seen at least three of those actresses have real nakadashi sex before in previous updates.  A title like this one probably cost many more times to bankroll than your average 10Musume release.

All four participants (plus the host) did great jobs.  I can't choose a favorite because they're all so unique:  you've got CHISA MIYAMAE as the fun-loving host who says the darndest things, AIKA SAEKI as one of the few women who I think short hair looks great on (not to mention her tight body!), ERIKA ISHII who definitely has the cutest smile and the most amazing butt out of the quartet, MIZUKI ASHIYA with her literal fawn eyes, and the caterwauling bondage freak ATSUKO WATARI.

This is not a perfect movie.  Those don't exist.  But it sure is well-done and a lovely way to end an year while welcoming the next.

Score:  5/5

Pro's:  Not 100% perfect as we noted above, but gosh darn if this isn't the best amateur orgy title ever shot, then I don't know what is!

Con's:  Given the studio's track record, creampies surprisingly do not happen.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1600

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