Aya Ishikawa - Wives at Work - Pro-Golfer Edition

Published March 20, 2024

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Believe it or not, this jet-set beauty actually can play golf and really is down to have a quick and covert JAV career without her partner ever finding...oops.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

What this review won't contain is detailed discussion on golf. The reason: this reviewer at least is not super familiar with the sport. Aside from playing a bit too much Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf on my Genesis decades (!) ago (who here remembers the Fantasy Zone trick?) and knowing the names of a few players including some who by now may in fact be deceased, my ken is bottomless--in that whatever knowledge I ever may had had has leaked out leaving me an empty husk ready to dive into today's review.

Don't go looking too hard for other movies AYA ISHIKAWA has starred in because there really aren't many. Doing only a pair of releases for DREAMROOM possibly shot back to back on the same day, what we have here may be the real deal: an actual jet-set young wife/girlfriend looking to have some risque fun behind the back of her lover. In that regard, WIVES AT WORK - PRO GOLFER EDITION excels. Sure, Aya is probably not what you'd call a pro golfer, but we do get some footage of her early on at the range and her form seems pretty spot on! This may be the rare Japanese woman who can play golf like a pro and gyrate like a JAV star. The true double threat!

The format if you've seen other amateur DREAMROOM movies should come as no surprise. Being self-shot, even more so. An interview (albeit with actual golf footage first) followed by some type of light foreplay--here, blowjob and a bit extra--on the couch followed by you-know-what in bed. The conclusion is a creampie as tradition dictates and the shtick of course is keeping things golf-related, AYA keeps her gloves on throughout the entire affair. Ever fantasize about a cute female golfer still wearing part of her gear giving you a handjob? Well, for the seven of you out there who have, you've found your movie.

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+Aya is really cute. Really.

+Props for first going to a range instead of confining the entire movie to a hotel.

+Real creampie finish.


-Golf portion is super short, but hey, what can one expect?

-Some more static angle shots would have helped.