Sachiko Kudo - Turning to Adult Video Because of My No Good Husband

Published February 28, 2024

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Sultry to the max, we discover an actual Japanese cougar and observe her mating ritual with a willing and eager boy toy.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

There are cougars and then there are literal cougars. One is an actual animal that keeping far away from is ideal and the other is a wild yet stoic beast most commonly encountered in National Geographic magazines. SACHIKO KUDO, the star of today's update squarely fits into the obvious of these two categories.

While her older, fiery looks may not be everyone's cup of tea (she strangely shares some resemblance with surprisingly more than one 1980's/90's visual kei peformer in their current age 50+ form), holy cow does she sell it! And the casting with her up against a guy who at first glance may look like one who isn't an ideal lady magnet seems to work and is able to hold his own. What's more, while DREAMROOM is not known for making use of grandiose locations, whoever did scouting for this movie did well because it may be only a hotel suite, but it's a spacious one complete with a plus-sized bathroom with some excellent lighting to boot.

TURNING TO ADULT VIDEO BECAUSE OF MY NO GOOD HUSBAND among other things features in said bathroom one of the best fingering scenes ever captured. It's a weird combination of slightly bored lovetoy giving a MILF an internal examination she'll never forget that combined with that great lighting makes for something unforgettable. In a way, it can almost be a counterpoint to that jaw-dropping late afternoon self-shot doggystyle sex scene MAKI HOJO did in an update from some years ago. Now MAKI HOJO may forever be queen MILF, but SACHIKO is no pushover and the plot-line of her meeting up with her younger lover while feeding her husband the ruse of simply going to some class reunion is simple yet effective.

The arousal factor from start to finish is nonpareil. This is no simple interview of a shy married Japanese woman before sex slowly happens (with her mostly remaining passive!). This is a movie about a sultry queen of eros taking the lead and maintaining it till the very end.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 146

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Extremely well-cast sultry actress.

+Lighting well done in both bathroom and bedroom.

+Sex and then some! It never lets up but still feels natural.

+Real creampie finish.


-SACHIKO's vibe may not gel with everyone.

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