Nanpa Mission in Saga Proves Successful

Published February 12, 2020

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DREAMROOM goes on a trek to Saga to find two eager amateurs for an uncensored hotel FFM threesome.

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Nanpa Mission in Saga Proves Successful
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Sometimes friends may prefer to try new things together.  This goes double when that 'thing' is appearing in an adult video.  Sure, both may be on the naughty side already, but doing such a brazen act in their birthday suits and being filmed (with their faces showing!) is a whole different ballgame.  It really does take guts to do an adult video.  It's no walk in the park and in spite of moronic rumors, Japan isn't overflowing with JAV stars.  The adult services industry as a whole may be a lot more widespread leading to probably a higher than average (compared to to the west) number of women tiptoeing into it, but still, Japan is not nonstop adult video stars on every street corner.

Now seeing two friends appear in not one, but two titles together is rather rare.  It was a little over a year ago when we showed something similar.  There, we had two friends--potentially real life ones--appear in a pair of uncensored JAV movies by DREAMROOM.  We released them essentially back-to-back as they did follow one storyline.  With NANPA MISSION IN SAGA PROVES SUCCESSFUL and its kinda-sorta predecessor I STRUCK GOLD WITH A NANPA THREESOME, the same cannot be said.

Both star the same two women, CHINATSU KATOU and ASUKA MIZUHARA, but the titles are not connected.  I can say that they probably are indeed real life friends.  Both truly hail from Saga Prefecture, where today's and last week's update was potentially shot (no landmarks are showing so your guess is as good as mine as to whether this was shot there or just in Tokyo).  It was a bit odd to see both movies featuring the same cameraman/actor, but making no reference to their past coupling.  Mind you I STRUCK GOLD came out first though it's only in this update we're hearing that both are making their JAV debuts.  Whether that means this was originally shot first or they're just making up things as they go is way up in the air.

Both titles visually are similar.  FHD, yes, but done with a purposely amateur flair.  This time the super suave actor/cameraman from I STRUCK GOLD remains behind the camera the whole time calling the shots.  Normally I don't really care for talkative cameramen, but he's fine in my book; a smooth, entertaining voice that knows how to keep the action going.  His co-star who has appeared as an actor in many uncensored titles also does his role well.  I don't know his name, but have always found it funny that regardless of when and what's being shot, he finds a way to take off his clothes super early.

I'm sure most reading a review about a JAV title care less about the men and more about the women taking part.  I don't blame you!  However, while ASUKA is pretty and CHINATSU has...uh, personality, but both are relatively passive in bed.  ASUKA comes off as a talker in the interview portions, but just like in I STRUCK GOLD, once sexy times began, she zipped up.  What we get is sex--FFM threesome sex--but done timidly.  If you're hoping for something incredibly brazen that stars JAV stars masquerading as friends, today's update probably is not for you.  We get something a lot more realistic.  Something such as what's shown in NANPA MISSION IN SAGA PROVES SUCCESSFUL is closer to what would happen if you actually did luck out with a threesome with two real life friends.  A club take-home gone extraordinarily successful if you will.

Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  Very realistic condom-free FFM encounter.

Con's:  Both are dead fishes in bed.  Uncensored facials?  Check.  Uncensored creampies?  Uncheck.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 577

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