Serina Komiyama - Visiting the Real Apartment of a Young Woman

Published October 18, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

An unassuming title for a surprisingly funny JAV movie starring a really cute actress that even contains a real nakadashi finish.

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Serina Komiyama - Visiting the Real Apartment of a Young Woman

Timing and Translation by JM84

Don't ever turn away from watching a JAV movie simply because it looks lower budget; many from big studios and smaller outfits may not be filming with huge crews, but surprisingly, creativity and fun outcomes can still be had even when the purse is lighter. One of our most popular updates ever featuring MAKI HOJO having sex with a real virgin was one such update. Today, we have another.

Sure, VISITING THE REAL APARTMENT OF A YOUNG WOMAN starring a not well known but very cute SERINA KOMIYAMA may not be as good as that Maki title (and to be honest, not many are!), it's still a great watch and I can't help but firmly saluting DREAMROOM. The actress is cute in a lithe way, an adorable chipmunk face, a quirky plot, fun and slightly abnormal sex thanks to her mildly perverted friend, and yes, it's raw with a real creampie finish. Her actual apartment? Surely not a set, that's for sure!

This is a fun release (as noted). It starts with an unusual theme that nine times out of ten will end in a shut door, but somehow it all works for the better. SERINA never became a big name which is a shame. Definitely a gyaru who debuted at the right time though perhaps after only appearing in a handful of titles, had enough JAV exposure as she felt appropriate and returned to normalcy. An hour of her time as a wild JAV star thankfully is upon us and it's a recommended watch.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 305

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Really cute actress perfect for fans of lithe women.
+Quirky real apartment with panties freak theme and it works!
+Real raw sex, real creampie finish.


-For what it sets out to deliver, nothing of note.  This is a good one.

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