Voluptuous Unfulfilled Wife Cheating Onsen Getaway

Published February 27, 2023

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Japanese bus tour guide of ten years. Married, lonely. A body that's dynamite from head to toe. Answer? A weekend of passionate, unfaithful hot springs sex.

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Voluptuous Unfulfilled Wife Cheating Onsen Getaway
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Is there anything better than an unfaithful Japanese wife?  Sure, it was only a few days ago we featured one, but what we have today is considerably different and certainly more fleshed out (in more ways than one).  Better?  It depends on various factors, but I can say with conviction that if you prefer your affairs with women 'around 40' rather than exceeding 50 and have a thing for GARGANTUAN breasts and a lower body to match, then look no further than Rino (alias) with her absolute certified to the highest degree dynamite body.

A bus tour guide for a decade, married, and lonely.  Yes, lonely.  Sure, her job has her dealing with tourists all day long, but if anyone has been on any bus tours in Japan, guides put on a show that can almost be considered robotic.  Less humans one can interact with and more cheerful faces holding a flag (it's a long story) while rapid-fire ejaculating facts about wherever they will soon be arriving or currently at.  It's a busy job and one that in a way requires concentration.  It's a job that may look enjoyable, but is tiring and disconnecting.  Stress abounds and stress always needs an outlet before something breaks.  Within a marriage or any relationship, the answer many a time is romance.  Night romance, nocturnal fun, intimacy between lovers, you get the deal.  Rino, as beautiful as she is and with a body that is in a class by itself, has a husband who just doesn't seem to care.  Perhaps his own work commitments including those 'mandatory' parties with employees that may or may not frequently conclude with visiting certain establishments may deal with his avoidance of passionate coitus with his supposed true love.

Leave it director Karaki of GOGOS to swoop in with camera and train tickets for a weekend Rino will never forget.  Some months back we updated with the first of quite a few cheating wives movies by this hyper reality JAV studio and the feedback we got matched our initial beliefs:  you all really love unfaithful Japanese wives!  That this is GOGOS's bread and butter and they know how to bring about engaging movies makes it a win-win.  Like other releases, this is another super slow burn before glory is unveiled.  Almost a solid hour of travel and dialog before skin?  It sounds dreadful on paper and surely if one didn't know Japanese and was attempting to watch this without our exclusive English subtitles, it would be skip-skip-skip, but thankfully we have you covered.  Rino's tale is passion, sorrow, and yearning all rolled into one.  There's so much going on I can't even scratch it in this review that already is running long.  Her body is spectacular and the sex once it begins almost takes up the latter two-thirds of the movie and we get everything from romantic coupling to some kinky light BDSM.  Absolutely check this one out and if you've the time, watch without jumping ahead.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1257

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+Seriously, what a body.
+A fleshed story only losing to her monumental curves.
+Hot spring sex has never looked this good.


-As always with these kinds of movies, the buildup to sex may be too long for some.

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