Ran Kayama - Outdoor Date With My Sex Friend

Published July 25, 2023

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The million dollar questions are who invited who and just how daring this late twenties Japanese woman will be in the heat of summer.

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Ran Kayama - Outdoor Date With My Sex Friend
Timing and Translation by JM84

There were wild times in the past when I could see myself engaging in similar antics that take place in today's update, OUTDOOR DATE WITH MY SEX FRIEND.  Back when one was--as they say--young, dumb, and full of cum.  Now:  older, still dumb, and thankfully still with heavy libido, but with just enough smarts to know all my romances need to performed safely indoors.  RAN KAYAMA and her lucky friend fortunately do not operate on the same wavelength as me and dare to be bold in this pretty decent perfect for summer (Japanese cicadas buzzing nonstop early on!) update via DREAMROOM.

You can feel the sticky Japanese humidity from here.  Let me tell you:  August in Japan after the rainy season ends can be intensely uncomfortable.  For those in dry climates who regularly experience scorching hot days and believe they can easily be fine in Japan's which may be a few degrees 'cooler', you will be in for a big surprise because high humidity mixed with high heat--wait, am I penning a polemical against carefree Japanese summers or reviewing a JAV movie?

Back to the subject I should be writing about:  the sex is fierce and daring, but so is the audio.  If you have sensitive ears, BE WARNED, as the initial outdoor portions very accurately represent those brutal Japanese summers with the howling cicadas drowning out almost all the dialog.  When our subtitler told me the first part was tough to work on because of the bugs, I thought he was joking until it came time to preview the movie before putting ink to paper.

RAN KAYAMA may not be a big name, but she puts on a big show.  Definitely one who must have an interesting life story given the tattoo peaking out above where pubic hair normally would be, seeing her as the ideal freaky girlfriend going feral during peak summer was a smart, smart move by the crew that brought this release to life.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 130

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+While low budget, really explores its surroundings well.
+Capable actress makes this all the better.
+Real creampie finish.


-Lower the volume in the first portion or you will go deaf from cicadas.

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