Maki Hojo - Jukujo Nanpa - Cute Petite Women Edition

Published May 31, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Maki Hojo approaching random women and lucking out beyond belief! Reverse nanpa leading to incredible take-homes.

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Maki Hojo - Jukujo Nanpa - Cute Petite Women Edition
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Going into this one it will be difficult not to draw parallels with the insanely popular update from the same series we showed late last year.  Because really, both this and the next one we show from it (update schedule TBD!) are identical in execution.  Like other JAV movies that morph into series, JUKUJO NANPA with MAKI HOJO follows a tried-and-true formula and as we already saw, good golly does it work.

Again we have something akin to a beauty and...well, let's just say it's good MAKI HOJO remains in the picture for most scenes.  But joking aside, two of the three women she 'targets' are pretty easy on the eyes.  One--and you'll know who--surely has seen better days.  But an A for effort, right?  There really is nobody just like MAKI and seeing her now still regularly turning out movies is a blessing, but being tied to MADONNA while giving her some level of job security has led to a stagnation in her abilities.  Again and again cheating wives in semi-dramatic roles get boring when we see her pretty much playing herself in this unusually out-of-the-box DREAMROOM release.

As noted, the format remains static:  three women, three encounters.  The first, while only starring MAKI and her target, is less lesbian play and more private parts show and tell with a little bit of toy usage thrown in at the end.  The second, also taking place in a van parked somewhere off the beaten path begins akin to the first scene, but concludes with a blowjob because you can't have nanpa of older women by a fiery MILF JAV star without one apparently.  The third, unlike the previous two, is in a bedroom devoid of most any decoration--as is JAV tradition.  This one may annoy pure lesbian fans because we really do get that type of play at first before things transition to an actor joining in while MAKI steps off screen only to return at the very end.

For what DREAMROOM sets out to, I can't be too critical.  The casting is indeed odd though.  Like I noted previously, it remains a mystery where the director is finding these women as usually they'd have some prior acting experience.  Here, all three could possibly be the real deal in that what we're seeing is their first on-screen appearance (and for some, their only!).

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 852

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Impossible to dislike anything MAKI HOJO does.
+Unique theme we don't see enough of.


-Not as much lesbian action as you'd think.
-Uh...unique casting choices.

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