Sakura Kotobuki - Extreme Masochist Spotted in Nature

Published May 24, 2023

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No, this is not the title of a late night nature documentary. Rather, we get some very well down outdoor exposure followed by sex dialed to 11.

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Sakura Kotobuki - Extreme Masochist Spotted in Nature
Timing and Translation by JM84

Who knew two years later we'd be back with another--and most likely the last unless she comes out of retirement--movie by SAKURA KOTOBUKI.  Yes, SAKURA KOTOBUKI--what?  You don't know her?  Remember the amateur actress whom I described as being something of a proto ASAHI MIZUNO?  Back again and rather being totally confined to a love hotel, we get something bright and airy starting with daring outdoor exposure and concluding with great natural lighting love hotel sex all wrapped up in some surprisingly well-done shibari.

EXTREME MASOCHIST SPOTTED IN NATURE may sound like the name of a late-night nature documentary, but in fact belongs to a wild DREAMROOM release that for most purposes, nails what it sets out for.  Like the previous movie starring SAKURA, my only issue sadly remains unresolved:  not enough far away shots during sex.  She has a goddess-tier body that sure looks excellent up close, but given how both of these movies used a cameraman rather than being self-shot as this studio is known for in their amateur releases, you'd think our director friend would step back--literally--for a bit.  Alas, up close and with him joining in for some 'side benefits' ala MOBSTERS's fun and loquacious director has often did.  While MOBSTERS now is a thing of the past and real creampies in mainstream JAV as well (the optimist in me knows that there is no rule banning then, but studios just prefer to go faux to save money so a return to glory will always remain possible!), we can still appreciate true blue 'underground' for not messing around when delivering reality on the small screen.

I must give major props to how daring this movie is.  The "naked woman in a trench coat cautiously flashing out and about" theme was common in some JAV circles at least in the 90's into the early 2000's.  Seeing it come about again in FHD is a blessing.  Sure, nobody was around to catch them in the act, but when it comes to doing this properly, that's what needs to be done.  Segueing to a quick forest fingering--this may be a nature documentary after all--that of course sees director, actor, and gloriously wet and horny SAKURA return to the hotel for some real deal lovemaking sums up this solid sub-60 minute release.  It delivers and makes no apologies about it.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 387

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Dangerous body almost in a class by itself.
+Excellent outdoor exposure play (with rope binding!).
+The kind of "hate sex" couples on the outs may engage in.


-Director, please step back a few feet.

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