Kaori Takes Off Clothing and Makeup

Published April 26, 2023

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A girl-next-door from perhaps Shizuoka agrees to strip to the buff AND show her true colors in this very intimate JAV movie.

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Kaori Takes Off Clothing and Makeup
Timing and Translation by JM84

KAORI is so gosh darn adorable with and without makeup I am saddened she had the scantest of careers.  That she only has one name with only one movie credited to her at a certain well-known DREAMROOM amateur site is a darn near travesty.  And yes, immediately starting a review in mid-thought about the actress's looks is an odd way to introduce a movie, but given the unusual series this one is attached to, why not?

As noted previously, many a JAV star may be down with doing some pretty daring sex acts, but may scoff and run for the hills if they're requested to...and inhale deeply here...take off their makeup on film.  It's almost ironic how one may be concerned with having a most prim and perfect face, but you don't see actresses even in this industry applying foundation to other parts of their body.  Then again, as a man writing this and not knowing too much about makeup, I could be in for a surprise if I ever get a girlfr--

OK, anyway.  The review!  Like other updates, this KAORI TAKES OFF CLOTHING AND MAKEUP is far from high budget and filmed almost entirely in a love hotel.  Don't go into this one looking for frills.  If anything, given the name, it's almost as raw as it gets (yes, almost as the conclusion is a well-placed facial, not a creampie!).  A quick outdoor interview, a further one in the hotel, some nice footage of KAORI washing off her anonymity, and then sex!

There just is something about her that I think foreigners in particular may like.  This is the kind of woman who may not frequent 'Gaijin Bars', but I could very much imagine having a slightly nondescript profile on dating sites and apps foreigners may use.  She just gives off that vibe.  Takes one to know one, right?  KAORI TAKES OFF HER CLOTHING AND MAKEUP is harmless and smooth like slightly warm milk chocolate.  Offending none and offering something a bit out of the norm, it's a movie worth considering donating 45 minutes of one's time to watch.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 191

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very 'girl-next-door' vibe.
+Hairy fans!  She is a natural!
+Good theme we don't get enough of.


-A few instances of extreme close-ups we can do without.
-Facial finish for a studio known for creampies, but given the theme, it may get a pass.