Young Mothers Infidelity Sharing Service 2 First Half

Published December 26, 2022

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With beds unfulfilled and urges unmet, Japanese wives only several years into their marriages decide to risk all by cheating together for extra enjoyment.

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Young Mothers Infidelity Sharing Service 2 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Even now working on the second of three releases (no more shot yet from this particular series, but others await!) from the YOUNG MOTHERS INFIDELITY SHARING SERVICE, I'm still not exactly sure why HOT ENTERTAINMENT felt it was necessary to conclude their NANPA OF YOUNG MOTHERS LEADS TO SURPRISE THREESOMES series because they're pretty much identical.  I mean more than that:  they're the same type of encounters plain and simple.  But simple nor plain describes what goes on in either!  Think on how hard this normally would be able to pull off in real life.  Who has the balls to approach a pair of supposed married Japanese women in their late twenties to early thirties (at most!) for such a brazen goal.  The reasoning though makes sense:  These are the women that "still got it" but also may be past that wild nonstop sex romp one experiences in their salad days of marriage.  This goes double if they're already actual mothers.  That instinct kinks in and they mostly now just see the bed--at least the one they used to share with their husband (most mothers I know of sleep separately for various reasons after giving birth)--as nothing more than a place to rest after long days of doing young mother things and working of course.

Thus, a tiny opening in their armor:  they're human after all and have carnal needs.  They can only ignore them so long before push goes to finger in vagina and we all know masturbation only tempers one's urges at best.  The only real way to find total pure and unabashed fulfillment is passionate raw sex and maybe even with a proper finish to boot!  Pulling out?  That's what husbands are for!

YOUNG WIVES INFIDELITY SHARING SERVICE 2 is quite like the first one in that we get a total of three scenes with six women.  Also like the first one, one of the three scenes is shot POV style so the director of the movie can get his side-benefits and yes, like usual, it's the weaker of the bunch (however, while he usually does these POV scenes in many of his releases and most do turn out to be on the weak side, his appearance with those two wild wives in SHARING SERVICE 1 was an example of things going very, very right!).  It also should be noted now on a technical level there was some lighting issue going on with the third scene.  Like the third scene from this other HOT movie, the colors appeared washed out.  A shame when you consider such lovely casting featuring one actress in particular who was voluptuous perfection.  Even with a shirt on, she had a chest of battering ram capabilities.

We still have almost three dozen hours of this type of MILF FFM content from HOT ENTERTAINMENT licensed and not even worked on yet (not to mention certainly licensing more like it in the future as they still regularly shoot it!).  Two women and one man may be the most ideal sexual pairing combination ever.  Everyone gets to have some, nobody leaves with with untapped libidos, and who gives a darn about being faithful when one's needs are not being met otherwise!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1813

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+FFM, the most ideal pairing--especially when being unfaithful is the theme!
+Being all shot at hotels normally is a sign of a light budget, but here it only adds to the realism.
+The women are not what I'd call "known names", but I sure don't mind given their looks.


-POV scene a bit weak compared to the other two.
-Last scene had lighting issues.

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