You Are My Four Legged Friend with Saki Hatsumi

Published July 11, 2015

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Japanese AV star with a burgeoning idol career Saki Hatsumi takes part in a very strange date with an extremely submissive man on a leash with English subtitles

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You Are My Four Legged Friend with Saki Hatsumi
with English Subtitles

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Every once in awhile a new trend makes waves through Japanese AV.  What usually happens is one novel studio comes up with a neat idea and if it proves popular, other studios 'emulate' it with their own series dealing with the same theme.  Most recently there was the 'Ugly Man' boom and before that there was a very prosperous era of Japanese adult video where nearly every production company was churning out bukakke movies non-stop.  Oh, to have been a Bukkake Juice Man a decade ago...

...OK, we're running off the rails here.  However, trend-setting and companies that are known for it need to be mentioned before we delve into one of the most unique titles ever to appear on ZENRA.  RADIX, which has been churning out rather unorthodox adult movies since the early 2000's has been known as the crux of many types of genres and series that are considered AV staples nowadays.  Did you know they were the company that made jukujo (older women titles) a thing?  It may be hard to believe going by the immense amount of older women titles available now, but AV = young women was the mantra shared by most studios before RADIX came to town.

One niche RADIX has not really covered that much until recently was public nudity.  It's tough, really.  There was a golden age of public nudity in Japanese AV that companies like BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING (whose work is now distributed by COLLECTOR, the still-operating company that owns the rights to their work) used to their advantage.  Seeing an attractive Japanese woman walk through the crowded streets of Tokyo was something very few companies and actresses had the guts to pull off.  10 years back, some like BAKKY dared and produced around 20 titles showing their results (which will all be featured on ZENRA starting with this one from March and one with a slight chakuero theme from last month.

RADIX, not wanting to be left out figured out an ingenious way to combine elements of public nudity with all-out weirdness.  A few years ago they released the first in a profoundly successful series of movies called MY FOUR LEGGED FRIEND.  Each production features an embarrassed Japanese AV star who is followed around by a loquacious camera-wielding director--generally the jovial LEGEND MUKAI--and also a friendly yet mute highly submissive man on a leash.  The former talks and talks, but fortunately knows what to say and when to say it.  He isn't a hindrance.  LEGEND, being the director of hundreds of popular titles, knows the most optimal ways to keep a production moving from a chirpy start to an orgasmic conclusion.  

Today's edition of MY FOUR LEGGED FRIEND stars Saki Hatsumi, an AV star well into her tenure with 5 years of experience under her belt.  Going by her blog updates, she she doesn't seem to have any interest retiring anytime soon.  She's even now taking part in an idol group called KÜHN with other adult video stars.

Saki Hatsumi was a perfect choice for this title.  Not only is she as adorable as they come, she plays her part as an amorous, but still vulnerable adult video star perfectly.  Of course the outdoors scenes such as one where she's wearing lingerie that leaves her breasts exposed while walking 'Doggy' down the street leaves her viciously embarrassed, but we soon see her erotic half when she provides LEGEND a blowjob while receiving extended cunnilingus in a unique take on mutual oral sex.  She even pants with her tongue hanging out when having an orgasm which only helps pound in the bizarre 'companion' theme of this title even more.

Providing a scene-by-scene summary of this wonderful release would be a waste.  The screenshots posted next to this review provide enough hints of the zaniness Saki Hatsumi experiences while taking care of 'Doggy' and LEGEND's skilled direction make this a title not to miss.  It really has it all:  heavy sex, public exposure, femdom, submission, bathing scenes, and quite a bit more.  What's more, it's a beautiful title:  in spite of being shot with only one hand-held camera, the colors in all scenes are topnotch.  From the outdoor scenes by and in a forest--including an extended masturbation scene by a sussurating creek--the visuals remain beautiful.  LEGEND knows how to keep the camera steady which really helps as public nudity scenes are frequently not shot all too well.

Lastly, MY FOUR LEGGED FRIEND with SAKI HATSUMI features an IMMENSE amount of dialog.  With total subtitled lines numbering a hair short of 2,000 (!), this was one of the lengthiest releases we ever worked on at ZENRA.  Just like PERVERTING THE PARANORMAL, today's release took nearly twice as long as the norm, but the results speak for themselves.  Enjoy the exclusive subtitled treatment of one of RADIX's more popular series and if we receive a lot of positive feedback, we'll be sure to license more episodes of MY FOUR LEGGED FRIEND.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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