Mai Uehara - Princess of Love

Published March 2, 2022

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Not a princess, not very lovey-dovey, but still a great JAV movie for the era it came from starring a very pale and lithe actress.

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Mai Uehara - Princess of Love
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

We all have our weaknesses and while once upon a time it was the unobtainable gyaru (from a foreigner point of view at least), nowadays it's for freakishly pale women.  I'm not talking the type that appear as if they are suffering from an illness; my tastes are closer to someone like TSUBAKI KATOU and the more recently featured YUKINA MATSUOMOTE who both on one hand are pale as spooky ghosts, but develop an adorable full body flush when aroused.  I'm happy to say MAI UEHARA--no relation to AI UEHARA--boasts a similar skin type.

With few films to her credit--something more of the norm for most actresses until the modern times--we see an attractive JAV star still green behind the ears appear in a decent albeit lower budget film by VIRTUAL WAVE entitled PRINCESS OF LOVE.  It's a weird name given she doesn't play a princess and both sex scenes are more cosplay/roleplay-themed than romantic.  There's two sides of the coin here:  naughty nurse MAI and schoolgirl MAI.  Very original...not!  But then again, I'm not expecting each and every JAV movie we show to reinvent the wheel.

The nurse scene that kicks off this 80 some-odd minute update is pretty good.  It features excellent picture quality for its time.  I'm actually surprised how clear the film after comparing it to brand new releases by still active studios today.  It remains a mystery how a rascal indies maker way back then can churn something like this out, but who are we to complain given this is one of those legendary mosaic-lifted releases.

Yes, like all the other VIRTUAL WAVE movies we're showing, this one is uncensored.  A blessing and a curse as you'll soon see.  PRINCESS OF LOVE features "three sex scenes" but only one of them--the last--is actually real.  A skilled cameraman and editor can hide any giveaway shots, but not all of them!  Sure, the actor in the second sex scene seems to take a few raw courtesy swipes, but when it comes time to actually go in, he goes low.  This applies as well in the nurse scene, sadly.  Only the talkative fellow (whom I think is Shimabukuro early on in his career) actually gets to do the deed for real and thus delivering maybe the only actual usage of cum in the entire movie.

I don't really hate the fake sex.  I hate fake creampies though as many probably already know.  With the latter, it makes me upset knowing we've an actor literally having sex with a beautiful actress, but is denied the ability to finish.  Fake creampies should be classified as a war crime.  However, in the case of fakery from the get-go such as two of three instances in today's update, I'm more on the fence.  There's a big difference in stimulation from literally having sex and just humping each other without any penetration.  I can go on and about this and perhaps a future blog entry may cover it.  Until then, enjoy this above average #ClassicJAV update.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 519

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute actress with super pale skin and full body blush.
+Only two scenes of note, but decent variety.
+Plays a surprisingly good naughty nurse.


-Very obvious fake sex (no penetration) in two of the three sex scenes.  The last one is real though.
-Shimabukuro (actor who actually gets to have sex) talks way too much.  Unless it pertains to the plot, JAV actors should shut up once sex begins with the sole exception of sporadically checking on their costar's well-being and announcing their orgasm.

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