Real Virgins Assembled for JAV Star Cherry-Popping Endurance Contest First Half

Published February 4, 2022

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Down on their luck to the point they have no issues becoming men with hyper experienced women WHILE cameras are filming it all!

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Real Virgins Assembled for JAV Star Cherry-Popping Endurance Contest First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Ever since we licensed REAL VIRGINS ASSEMBLED FOR JAV STAR CHERRY POPPING ENDURANCE CONTEST, we've been eager to show it and finally the day has arrived.  As a fan of reality and thus have always held lukewarm interest in all those 'experienced JAV stars teach real virgins the ropes' movies where you can easily tell through the face mosaic we're dealing with an actor we've seen one too many times, I have a high level of confidence that the eight participants here (or most of them at least and this will be explained below) are the real deal.

Real Japanese virgins in their mid-twenties to late-thirties.  All for some reason or another never had the chance to do the act most men fantasize about an uncountable amount of times each day.  They're in dire straits.  One laments without this abnormal JAV opportunity, he may remain a forever alone.  Others are not so glum but do realize the time surely has came for them to become men and the chances that may have arrived their way were missed due to bad signaling.  They all want to get laid and even with the cameras rolling and a big film crew watching, they're down to do the deed.

A movie like this coming from SADISTIC VILLAGE is a bit of a curve-ball.  Most of their releases put women on the submissive side.  This time we don't get wonderful CMNF encounters, but in its place get something almost as good.  Rather than eight instances of experienced JAV stars teaching virgins the ropes (see above), we get something closer to a game show with a real chance of being eliminated from the event.  As the trailer clearly notes, it's no spoiler to say only five of the eight men get to go all the way.

REAL VIRGINS ASSEMBLED FOR JAV STAR CHERRY POPPING ENDURANCE CONTEST runs almost four hours and at times--the beginning, mostly--is somewhat of a slow, but interesting burn.  I wouldn't recommend skipping ahead.  The virgins act as you'd expect and this is one of the few times Abe-chan's color commentary works.  Rather than getting in the way, him and the director do fine jobs of keeping the show running.

The casting of the three JAV stars is spot-on.  REN ICHINOSE is adorable, YURIA TSUKINO is also a babe albeit a bit odd at times (I have zero doubts she's EXTREMELY kinky in private), and MIU AKEMI I'm surprised never had the type of big following an actress with her innocent face and dangerous curves normally attracts.  The trio is perfect though their lack of fame is a big question mark.  I'm happy SADISTIC VILLAGE got them though.  Three ideal women for one's cherry-popping experience.

I have one gripe about this movie.  One and one only because otherwise it's extremely well done both in terms of plot, editing, and production values.  The sex itself.  Particularly--and long-time readers of these reviews know where I'm heading with this--the finishes.  For the love of all things holy, I wish JAV studios would knock it off with the fake creampies.  How do I know the creampies aplenty that finish out this otherwise great release MAY be staged?  Honestly, I have no inside information, but even mosaic can't hide everything.  That plus well-known editing tricks makes spotting what shouldn't be spotted all too easy.  In a movie like this, it's almost a travesty.  Most virgins get stage fright anyway so having them have actual sex with the actress in a few positions for a few minutes before needing a more pitiful handjob (or masturbation for those who can only get off with their own iron grips) would have been more realistic.  After all, losing one's virginity implies putting one's erection into a vagina (or butt).  Actually being able to finish during the act is a pleasing way to round things out, but is not a requirement when having one's cherry popped.

I understand that "creampies on demand" make filming a breeze, but when you're dealing with actual virgins and not actors who know how to best manage their own blue balls issues (mind you, an actor working a full day still generally has one scene where he can finish for real), it's almost a war crime to have these sad saps leave the set with aching erections and a throbbing nutsack.  Nevertheless, I still recommend REAL VIRGINS ASSEMBLED FOR JAV STAR CHERRY POPPING ENDURANCE CONTEST.  It's funny, has great casting, has great flow, and aside from one small issue, is believable.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Perfect casting (both of actresses and virgins).
+Good pacing and a real sense of danger (elimination).
+Solid example of GOOD 'scorched earth' lighting.


-Final sex scenes feature "creampies" galore.
-Ren Ichinose at times is a bit too talkative.
-The last sex scene is almost too kinky for being a virgin's first time.

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