Misa Tachibana - Divorcee on the Run

Published January 12, 2022

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No more husband, no more restrictions. All holes open for business. Features a raw anal sex creampie.

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Misa Tachibana - Divorcee on the Run
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Older women have always been a popular genre.  Believability is key.  It's way easier to see a recently divorced Japanese woman deciding to throw caution to the wind and appearing in JAV than a 'fresh high school graduate' doing the same (fun fact:  actual 18- and 19-year old debuts almost never happen).  That's why when I see a movie like DIVORCEE ON THE RUN that not only features a very amorous woman, but raw anal sex (!), my interest is piqued and certainly yours as well if you're reading this.

MISA TACHIBANA is an interesting case as she originally appeared in a small number of censored JAV movies from the big names in the mature market before--just like the trope she plays--throws caution to the wind and drops the pixels.  DIVORCEE ON THE RUN is not about a fraught former wife bolting from a distraught husband.  "On the Run" here refers to her scampering from normalcy and into the world of safe adult video to do something that would be harder to pull off in a one-night-stand--something going by her demeanor in that incredibly sexy pseudo masturbation interview, she's had her fair share of.

I can't call MISA a babe, but she definitely has something going for her.  If I was a younger guy who ended up matching with her on one of those 'encounters' apps, I'd be psyched when finally meeting her.  You'd know almost right away this would be a meeting that can easily end in something wild and going by what we get in this 67 minute DREAMROOM release, "wild" barely begins to describe how this one ends.

Anal sex.  Yes, anal sex.  It's not even hinted at early on, but surprise, surprise:  we get it in this movie.  And yes:  it's raw.  And also yes:  it ends with a creampie.  I didn't see either happening early on.  Sure, with an older woman you may get better chances of doing more 'forbidden acts', but JAV and anal sex have always walked a fine line.  You may get some butt play ala toys and fingering, but full-on insertion let alone without a rubber is as rare as the aforementioned real schoolgirl debut.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 335

4 Files 2.37GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Real raw anal sex with anal creampie (!).
+Incredibly hairy where it counts (added realism).
+The "I can't help but to touch myself" interview.
+I can almost see this happening in real life.


-First solo masturbation scene not really needed.
-Lighting a bit harsh.

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