Anri Kawai - Shaving Musume Club

Published November 10, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

From full bush to pure paipan with real creampies to even things out; a type of phenomenon JAV should film more often!

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Anri Kawai - Shaving Musume Club
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

I've always considered ANRI KAWAI too young to have debuted in time for the schoolgirl craze of the 2000's and too old for the brief run MINIMUM had in the early 2010's.  If she was born slightly earlier--or later--I think she'd of had a much larger fan-base.  For all I know, if that did happen, she could still be active today as a very energetic MILF actress.  Sadly, we can't alter the past and she debuted when she debuted because that was her time.  We got a few movies with her and fortunately for us, she picked the path of least resistance:  no pixels!  And in her case as well:  no hair!

SHAVING MUSUME CLUB, a DREAMROOM production, is a JAV movie that really lives up to its name:  we've one cute, vertically-challenging actress nailing her role.  She goes through several uniform changes in this 90 minute feature, but do we really care that much about that?  While I'm sure some do, the star of the show is her pubic hair and what's done to it in the first scene.  It may seem like she previously performed some light landscaping down around her lips, she sauntered onto this set otherwise untouched.  Untreated, unbowed, and full of blazing black hair in an almost eyebrow-raising amount given her otherwise innocent looks.

After the initial interview and light foreplay, her hair is totally trimmed and then shaved leaving her totally bald.  Paipan has its finest hour here.  We've seen it before of course.  If anything, being shaved now is more popular in JAV than ever, but totally bare and uncensored?  Every time this phenomenon occurs, we must thank any higher power of our choice (or none if you rather go that route!).  ANRI KAWAI sans hair is a sight to behold and her two male partners obviously can't get enough.

Like many uncensored JAV movies, shaving leads to erotic play that leads to a raw threesome with real creampies.  A standard in uncensored, a rarity in today's pixelated world, and regardless of time, always welcome.  Before penning this review, I perused the original Japanese user reviews for this movie and some loved it, but others hated how ANRI looks.  I can't understand this.  Is she super top-tier material?  No, we can agree on that.  But in spite of being closer to 30 than 20, she still looks absolutely adorable.  A perfect combination of innocence and naughtiness if you ask me.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 652

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute actress with natural bush (that soon is totally shaved!).
+Cute actress with perfect paipan.
+Real raw sex, real creampies.


-I'm not sure if I'll ever whole-heartedly approve MMF encounters.

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