Our Super Perverted Summertime Sex Party

Published July 27, 2022

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Yukatas, fireworks, and creampies. Somehow we get them all to mix and add an extra female to even things out!

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Our Super Perverted Summertime Sex Party
Timing and Translation by JM84

If you had to choose between having your girlfriend don a gaudy yukata so you could go out and watch fireworks or just stay at home so you could have relentless creampie sex, which would you choose?  How about both?  And why not, let her friend join in?  This is what we get and more in this almost cloying with trademarks of summer nights release by DREAMROOM.  It's got something for anyone unless you are only into mature women and in that case, just sit tight and we'll have something your way soon enough.

OUR PERVERTED SUMMERTIME SEX PARTY stars KANA SUZUKI and CHIKA MIMURA.  Yes, I don't know much about them either.  We've actually shown both in a few other releases by the same studio and sure, they never were the type of huge names serious JAV enthusiasts would recall, but I believe they were very well cast for this type of role:  young Japanese women pushing the gyaru image while also wearing cute in multi-colored yukatas and also down for kinky group play with a very lucky boyfriend.  A small ask and a big delivery by both.

We even get fireworks.  Sure, not huge ones, but sparklers count, right?  Fireworks AND a nocturnal outdoor blowjob before the bulk of this short and well-paced release movies indoors for the real play featuring a devilish combination of jealousy sex, raw sex, creampie sex, and sure, oral sex to even things out.  A movie like OUR PERVERTED SUMMERTIME SEX PARTY may not be one for the history books.  It has everything going for it though and if I was pressed to make a top list of FFM movies starring gyaru, this would be pretty high on it.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 398

4 Files 1.89GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Both women really cute and play their roles with ease.
+Sex is beautiful raw, includes some jealousy moments, and yes features creampies.
+Fireworks happen, but less big boom and more skin slapping on skin.


-Honestly, this is a solid movie that's devoid of any of note.

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