Outdoor Bathhouse Mixed Bathing and Schoolgirl Bonus

Published September 22, 2021

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Move over Yuri Nikaidou! A replacement from another era and performs without any pixels.

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Outdoor Bathhouse Mixed Bathing and Schoolgirl Bonus
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Before we even dive into this update, it goes almost without saying that if you look at the screenshots accompanying this review, this VIRTUAL WAVE release is a bit of an odd duck:  pairing a very sultry MILF actress with a schoolgirl?  Outdoor onsen encounter versus intimate (and quite admittedly low budget) self-shot affair?  What gives?  Sadly, I can't really say.  We were fortunate enough to license a decent amount of movies from this Golden Age JAV studio sans mosaic almost sight unseen.  Some movies came 'complete', others shorter than what box covers said, and in a few rare examples, two scenes from two totally separate movies thrown together.  So that's it.  That's where we're at when trying to explain the reasoning behind BATHHOUSE MIXED BATHING AND SCHOOLGIRL BONUS.  It's the strangest matching of encounters we've show in a long, long time and given its format, we're going to review each scene separately.

It took me about twenty minutes of subtitling to have an epiphany:  MARIA YUKI, the star of this update's first scene, reminds me A LOT of YURI NIKAIDOU.  Both are certified MILFs, both ooze matronly erotic authority, both have big upper bodies and I'm not just referring to breasts (though MARIA obviously sports a pair of bolt-ons), and both I believe are the types of Japanese women that foreigners go crazy for:  traditional yet busty, demure yet sultry, married yet willing to swing with the right man.  Pure perfection if you ask me.

In MARIA's encounter, she's naked from the get-go and even though 'play' of a physical kind does not happen for longer than you would expect, simply seeing her acting so calm and authoritative in her nudity with a virgin man is eye candy.  If there ever was a woman born to model outdoor onsens by combining the natural beauty of Japan with...well, natural Japanese beauty, it would be her.  I can forgive the obvious third-party chest enhancements.  I'm in love.  And If I'm right, so will many of our subscribers.

Moving on to the second scene, we get a more earthly JAV star in the form of SARA OTOGAWA.  A great example of a 'one-and-done' performer of the early aughts (though to her credit, I believe she did a wee bit more than a handful of titles though has close to zero internet presence today) with a cute, compact body, and apparently down for some borderline wild sex with a camera-wielding actor/director.  Her scene runs longer than MARIA's and goes well beyond simply giving a blowjob.  We get the full deal here through multi-angle real penetration to a real cumshot finish all over...legs.  OK, interesting place to squirt one's seed, but after seeing on actor purposely cum on an actress's knee, I've seen enough to not get fazed by odd-ball misfires.

And that's the key word here:  misfire.  Is BATHHOUSE MIXED BATHING AND SCHOOLGIRL BONUS a bad movie?  Really, I'd side with the 'nays' here.  It's not recent, can't argue with that.  Both actresses in this era are no-names--even MARIA which is a shame.  I'd take a current day 50-something MARIA YUKI over MARIA OZAWA in her prime and I can't be the only one to say that.  SARA and her encounter certainly will play second fiddle in spite of the full sex.  It's not bad, but the picture quality including washed out colors will certainly turn some off.  So this comes down to coming for the picturesque onsen beauty and if her nonchalant nudity and oral sex prowess aren't enough for you, keep seated for the harder self-shot schoolgirl finale.

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