False Idol with Momoka Yamaguchi

Published July 5, 2017

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VIRTUAL WAVE found another lookalike in this classic mosaic-lifted update and this time the actress bears an uncanny resemblance to a 1970 pop icon.

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False Idol with Momoka Yamaguchi
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The lookalike theme seemed to really be a big deal in the Japanese AV world some time back.  There were many a studio desperately hunting down women who had even a passing resemblance to a celebrity--*any* celebrity!  Who here remembers the one with the Akiko Wada lookalike?  No?  Well fortunately that one was never made and I hope it forever remains a pipe dream!

What did happen--and what we did show around a year ago was a title with an actress who looked a bit like Ai Katou.  Granted, it was one of those 'in the right lighting'-type deals, but still:  "Ai Katou Doppelganger Does AV!" will definitely get the attention of the masses!

For foreigners, Ai Katou may be a name you've heard of.  You may even know who she is!  She's more of a modern celebrity who truly is a beauty.  Today we're going back aways to that confusing era of Japanese media where the women still did not really find their footing (personal opinion only here!).  We're talking the era of the 70's into early 80's when hair was permed and short and pretty much everything we take for granted about good looks was not even in a nascent state of being.

So yea, who hear knows who Momoe Yamaguchi is?  Anyone?  Truthfully speaking, I had no idea either and going into this title I wasn't even sure who the actress, MOMOKA YAMAGUCHI, was supposed to look like.  And since studios will usually avoid saying the names of celebrities  to prevent any possible defamation lawsuits, I assumed I'd be left in the dark until the very end.

Fortunately, the talkative actor in scene two knows little about remaining clandestine and called her 'Momoe' a few times.  Jackpot!  We've a Japanese celebrity match.

Momoe Yamaguchi was an *extremely* popular singer/actress in the 1970's.  She had many top-selling albums and singles and also starred in quite a few films.  Her career was full, fruitful, and extremely busy.  However, to the amazement of everyone, she married in 1980 to a fellow actor and retired from the entertainment industry cold turkey.  Since then she has made NOT A SINGLE public appearance.  Not even one!  Anything beyond that has been solely produced by the Paparazzi.

Don't worry though about her well-being; at least according to her husband's autobiography, she retired from the entertainment industry just to live a normal life and that's apparently what she has been doing to this very day.

VIRTUAL WAVE somehow found an actress who seriously does look like Momoe Yamaguchi and got her to do some AV.  Comparing her looks to the images of Momoe you can easily find on Google shows an eerily uncanny resemblance.  They really lucked out with this actress.  The only issue would be whether or not either is your type and also the fact that MOMOKA YAMAGUCHI came off as a true amateur.  Don't expect any dominant play from her in this 85 minute release.  It's all standard fare though the final scene does incorporate some light dramatic elements.

As we always note when reviewing a VIRTUAL WAVE title, these titles were originally produced with mosaic.  We licensed out the uncensored masters and that includes today's update.  Now we're not totally positive given the shooting angles and the natural shadows our bodies make during coitus, but the final bout of sex may have been...gasp!...simulated.  The ejaculation on her chest at the end looked a bit weird--as if the 'ejaculate' was not actually coming out of the actor's urethra, but to the right of it.

Given the fact that this is an older release from the early aughts, simulated sex still may have been something that studios did from time to time.  You be the judge on this one.  We're aware that not everyone's a fan of older titles and those numbers dwindle even more if the sex itself may not be real, but it's always fun to crack open the Japanese AV time capsule and pull out a classic release such as FALSE IDOL.

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