Hikari Tsukino - Failed Idol Decides to do JAV

Published September 15, 2021

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With race queen gigs netting her almost no income, Hikari Tsukino decides to strip down to her birthday suit and then some.

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Hikari Tsukino - Failed Idol Decides to do JAV
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

The vapid look is hard to pull off.  I think the only one who does it better than HIKARI TSUKINO, returning to ZENRA after a multi-year obscene, is the one and only MAO HAMASAKI.  Mind you, I don't mean this as a criticism for either actress.  "Bad" vapid of course belongs to the JAV star now known as RARA ANZAI who looks both disengaged and bored out of her mind.  HIKARI and MAO both share a look of sexual sublimation.  Vapid, but through extreme ecstasy, not simply daydreaming about what wood in a tree is made out of.

That brings us to today's update, FAILED IDOL DECIDES TO DO JAV, a movie I hope was shot before that massive multi-men affair we showed presumably out of order.  It's one thing to have a comfy one-on-one with an actor.  Going with a huge group of anonymous juice men in one go pushes insanity to new heights.  What we get in FAILED IDOL is certainly not a cozy affair.  After all, it was surprisingly shot in the same airy studio ROCKET used in that fantastic naked art class release (the fireplace and staircase gave it away).  It also starts with the agency owner/actor and her having a one-on-one conversation, but screenshots don't lie; by the end this is a devilish threesome complete with zero rubbers and no pulling out.

FAILED IDOL does not recreate the wheel.  It's far from a fantastic JAV movie, but it's no throwaway either.  For an uncensored release, it does a good job both on casting (can't deny HIKARI TSUKINO is a looker), the theme, and overall production values.  They booked a great location, got someone competent to shoot and edit it, and yes, that creampie at the end is as authentic as they come.  Also yes, by the end, this does go from the potential of being a cool 'casting' movie to one of those brusque random threesome encounters, but it holds up.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 207

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+HIKARI TSUKINO shows vapid is not necessarily a bad thing.
+Cool casting theme that even references her race queen past.
+I'll also include 'real creampie' as a pro.


-Devolves into random threesome.
-HIKARI acting a bit more surprised would have been better.  It's a casting movie after all.

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