Mai Suzuki - Big Six Tokyo College Student Raw Assessment

Published June 23, 2021

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Very rare are there amateurs who can mix equal parts innocence and naughtiness. Mai Suzuki fortunately is one of them and also has no issues with creampies.

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Mai Suzuki - Big Six Tokyo College Student Raw Assessment
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Can you believe it's been almost exactly two years to the day?  Yes, almost on this date a couple years back we showed the first (and probably only other) appearance on ZENRA by MAI SUZUKI.  Surprisingly, digging a bit deeper into her background turns out this juicy nugget:  she had a slightly more prolific career under the name KANAE SERIZAWA.  Still far from a household name, she did release a decent amount of movies by some well known censored studios while doing some on-and-off lower budget uncensored JAV movies as well.

I'm older and prefer older now, but MAI just oozes sexual charisma in ways you normally don't associate with 21 year olds.  I could so imagine her returning as a formidable MILF and who knows, given the current economic climate, we could see 'revivals' like this even more.  After all, ASAHI MIZUNO and now RIKA MARI turned the industry on its head with their surprise comebacks.  Can uncensored beauties who did the deed on camera too many times to count muster the same fanfare?

BIG SIX COLLEGE STUDENT RAW ASSESSMENT I enjoyed more than the first movie MAI appeared in.  The biggest reason--probably only reason now that I think of it--is this one features an actor plus cameraman.  Look, I'm not anti movies that are entirely self-shot.  It's just that there are certain angles you really can't shoot on your own.  There are some very capable actor/directors out there, but more often than not, total self-shot affairs are lacking.  In today's update, we get to see MAI in all her glory and it's well worth the wait.

This one concludes with a real creampie and the journey to get there should not be skipped.  The buildup at the beginning is slow.  It may lose some watchers.  The first 16 minutes is pretty much pure dialog, but interesting dialog.  The director does a good job in keeping everything interesting to the point where I'm almost saddened that MAI had to transition to the bed for wonderful raw sex.  She definitely has an fascinating back-story I'd love to know more about.

The lighting is pretty much the only negative in BIG SIX.  This one could've been brighter.  I'm not sure if they only were using natural room elements or what, but the picture while clear, was a bit on the dark side.  Otherwise, for an amateur JAV movie, this one really does check all the boxes and delivers.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 353

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very cute, amorous actress.
+Real raw sex, real creampie.
+Fantastic curves where they count most.
+Real creampie.


-Picture a bit too dark.
-Slow buildup not for everyone.

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