Real Paipan Amateur Anal Sex Confession

Published March 24, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Adorable, curvy, and shaved. Oh, and has no problems with raw sex, creampies, and even some anal play as well. The perfect girlfriend?

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Real Paipan Amateur Anal Sex Confession
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

REAL PAIPAN AMATEUR ANAL SEX CONFESSION.  Don't let the name fool you too much.  There is anal sex in this movie.  It happens, it's the real deal, and surprisingly it's done raw.  But like other amateur DREAMROOM movies that feature anal play (like this one), it only happens for a few fleeting minutes.  By and large, this is more by the books with traditional raw sex that concludes with a traditional raw creampie.  Can't really complain about that!

Aside from the title, what grabbed my attention almost immediately is the run-time:  a massive 97 minutes which for an uncensored JAV movie like this is almost unheard of.  Long movies are fine, but being a hater of 'scene creep', my worries centered around whether a movie that stars one actress and filmed entirely in her tiny apartment with close to no cuts could be entertaining the entire time.  Sadly, the answer is no, 97 minutes is a bit too long.  Fortunately, the bulk of scene creep happens in one scene and it features the actor trying an armada of sex toys on her (both holes, mind you) while she orgasms a few times.  Honestly, as a fan of JAV, I really, really hate these scenes.  I don't know who they're made for.  With not one or two, but three various phallic-shaped buzzing toys going to war on her centralized areas, it comes off more as a salacious science experiment than quality adult video.  This type of play shouldn't be totally removed; foreplay is important, after all.  However, with it lasting well over 20 minutes, it overstays its welcome and if you have the urge to fast-forward, be my guest.

The actress, AKANE KANOU, is super cute.  I really mean it.  She's got that innocent look you rarely see in JAV on a very cherubic body that reminds me a lot of AI UEHARA.  She's also totally shaved and fortunately has a body that really suits it.  I can't lie in saying after seeing her bare I also am curious to how she looks fully haired, but given the mosaic-free nature of this release, the shaved look really works.

We get a fantastic tour of AKANE's small abode before play begins.  This could really be her place.  Or if not hers, someone on the crew (and possibly female due to all the clothes and accessories laying about).  This is certainly no set.  The director makes use of everything by having sex with her in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and why not--on the bed.  The latter is where this predictably ends, but the road to get there is fun and filled with unexpected raw anal sex twists.  REAL PAIPAN AMATEUR ANAL SEX CONFESSION is a long movie compared to its peers.  There is some scene creep, but it's localized and easily skippable.  Beyond that, it's one of the better uncensored amateur movies I've seen.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 547

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very cute amateur with cherubic body devoid of any pubic hair.
+Raw anal sex, raw vaginal sex (with a cut in between of course).
+Real creampie.


-Sex toy armada scene creep runs too long.
-Anal sex portion is short and looks more experimental than pleasurable.

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