Thai Massage Sexual Service Switcheroo for Married Women First Half

Published January 13, 2023

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Who can turn down a skilled, free massage from a world class practitioner? So what if they only target attractive, married Japanese women?

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Thai Massage Sexual Service Switcheroo for Married Women First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Tokyo is known for many things and massage clinics on every corner (near stations at least) is a given.  What's more, this is the land of touting where targets--women and sometimes tourists, mostly--are frequently approached for this and that.  Usually it's for a restaurant needing butts in chairs or one of those bars you should never actually visit, my friend, but sometimes as we see in this action-packed double update filled to the brim with JAV goodness, it's for massage clinics offering services that are just too good to be true.  Really.

Thai-style massages.  I don't know much about them, but if I was told to picture how they're done, I imagine a petite older lady walking across my back.  That and my legs being stretched in odd positions.  Aside from that, I draw a blank.  Perhaps HOT ENTERTAINMENT knew no better than me because when it comes to actual massage techniques, the latter and only the latter, thankfully (the optics of men being on top like that is something best not considered!).  In an almost ingenious mixing of worlds, we get exotic and dare I say "oriental" massages mixed with curious MILF-in-name-only JAV stars (as none of the 16 (!) actresses taking part were over 30 to the best of my knowledge).  That's the gist that plays out again and again over four solid hours in THAI MASSAGE SEXUAL SERVICE SWITCHEROO FOR MARRIED WOMEN, a fantastic release for fans of unusual massages, beautiful Japanese women finding themselves stripped equally of clothing and reservations, and lots and lots of sex with massage therapists who might not hold any actual qualifications, but hey, who's gonna be checking given how there's like 10,000 similar establishments in Tokyo alone?

From NOZOMI HAZUKI to ASAHI MIZUNO sporting her mid-career not too long, not too short hairdo, we get something for everyone.  Really.  If there's one thing this movie does great besides weird massages, it's casting.  From super slim to BBW, a body type for everyone is covered.  My complaints about SWITCHEROO are minimal as well.  Yes, the format is repeated almost without any changes 16 times, but it works and frankly, I am saddened that there has yet to be a sequel.  That the scenes all run so short and seemingly feature real sex makes me think this may be something of a compilation movie of other footage, but even that I am not sure about.  A movie of mysteries, stretching best not done at home, eye candy and then some, accidental arousal, nudity when least expected, and lots of creampies.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1090

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Body types that cover all bases.
+Unique massage movie.
+Excellent portrayals of accidental nudity and arousal.


-Gets repetitive when it's the same thing 16 times in a row.
-I've a feeling those are JAV actors acting as Thai masseuses.

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