Borrowing Maki Hojo

Published September 30, 2020

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Uncensored with Maki Hojo and two uber fans. Pulling out not required and neither is pixelation.

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Borrowing Maki Hojo
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

MAKI HOJO may now be ZENRA's most popular actress in terms of numbers of updates she appears in.  Most popular via other metrics?  Up for debate.  She's legendary and that at least agreed upon by nearly everyone.  She's also one of the few still active JAV stars that can flit from the legit censored industry to its gray area uncensored counterpart without much controversy.  Few active mainstream actresses can perform a similar feat; we're now in a period where either you stick to doing uncensored or censored.  Even the A-list no mosaic retirements are becoming things of the past.

As I've written in almost too many reviews to count, you generally go into seeing uncensored JAV due to its namesake.  More often than not you're going to get something shorter, starring a lesser name, and sadly, with poorer production values.  While BORROWING MAKI HOJO features such a well-known face, we get something very much ho-hum.  Today's update is very much like this one in that they're both very low budget affairs.  Sure, today's isn't entirely self shot, but there were multiple times it felt like the editor simply did not exist.  It's never a good thing if you actually hear the director giving instructions (happens during the devil's blowjob section).

Usually by paragraph three I'm itching to get into the nuts and bolts of the movie.  How's the story?  The acting?  The...anything?  We do get a smidgen of a story here--actually, scratch that.  Less 'story' and more 'setup':  two guys, lucky ticket, raw creampie sex (non-faked, mind you!) with MAKI HOJO.  And that's it!  This is not a big update.  Honestly, this wasn't a tough one for us to prep, but at the same time we know there are some who love slightly older Japanese women and MAKI, while certainly no granny, is no spring chicken either.  Young?  No, but beautiful and aging gracefully and even when appearing in something quite low budget like BORROWING, she maintains her well-earned matronly status.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 471

4 Files 2.23GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-MAKI HOJO and real creampies.  That's about it.


-A few severe editing mishaps.
-Extreme overacting at times.

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