Chisa Shihono and Ren Miyamura - Please Take Good Care of Me

Published September 2, 2020

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Come for the great sex and creampie conclusion, but be sure not to skip the uncensored lesbian scene that kicks it off!

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Chisa Shihono and Ren Miyamura - Please Take Good Care of Me
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

I really wonder what was going on in DREAMROOM's marketing department when they were designing the cover for this extra unique edition of their long-running PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME series.  The biggest change is that while CHISA SHIHONO (listed as first name only TSUKUSHI) gets prime billing and solo cover placement, the first half of this 70 minute uncensored JAV movie has her starring alongside ZENRA favorite REN MIYAMURA.  What's more, rather than see them engage in a FFM threesome (which are always welcome), we see them do something far, far rarer:  uncensored lesbian sex.

Sure, lesbian JAV movies are not unicorns, but seeing girl-girl play done without any mosaic is as rare as it gets.  We were actually on the fence whether to show that as the free preview for this update or the straight-forward (but very well shot) sex that comes afterword.  Due to its borderline unicorn status, lesbian play won; after all, seeing one totally hairless REN MIYAMURA go to town on an actress almost a decade her junior and later having the tables turned in a joyous 'little devil' moment is prime JAV material.  We almost never see the like and I'm sure many of our readers haven't either.

While I can go on and on about the surprise lesbian play that kicks off PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME, the heterosexual play that followed also was shot very well.  We get something with the lighting and sound as good as they get.  Yes, it's uncensored so there are more close-ups than average, but fortunately nothing overkill.  This was less a movie that showed off sex as a biological act and more of one that showed some fun, albeit mildly taboo, couplings.  It even concludes with a real creampie--standard in uncensored JAV and something I think any fan will always welcome.

When we get uncensored titles to work on, past experience tells me to go into them with my guard up.  This time, PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME starring both CHISA SHIHONO and REN MIYAMURA left me pleasantly surprised.  Both innocent and mildly devilish and shot beautiful from start to finish, it's a title that I can't recommend enough.  Unless you're solely into mature Japanese women, then this is one you should check out.


Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Beautifully shot uncensored JAV with minimal toy usage and close-ups.  Lesbian scene at the beginning!

Con's:  Confused why the cover only shows CHISA SHIHONO and not her stunning co-star.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 509

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