Paipan Tight as a Vise

Published July 22, 2020

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First time Japanese amateur paired with a first time director for uncensored raw sex in a love hotel.

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Paipan Tight as a Vise
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

I didn't realize until choosing to subtitle today's update, PAIPAN TIGHT AS A VISE, that MAKINA KIZAKI, the star of it, originally appeared in an update we showed some years back.  We first saw her with a considerably hairier bush in PUBIC HAIR SHAVING SALON as one of the three nervous, yet eager customers at a hair salon that probably never really existed.  There, a very cool-looking stylist decided to shave her bald then and there in lieu of actual...uh, womanscaping.  It was a great update and to this day, one of the funniest titles we've ever had the pleasure to show and I'm still bummed no more were made like it.

There probably aren't too many fans of MAKINA both then and now.  It was years ago when we showed SALON and in between, the actress only starred in a few uncensored JAV movies before bowing out (I was tempted to write 'retired', but you can't really use that word with so short of a career).  Not an insane beauty, but one with looks and eager to make extra cash, MAKINA appeared to be down for shooting another title with DREAMROOM and given her freshly shaved bush, I'm assuming PAIPAN TIGHT A A VISE was shot almost immediately after PUBIC HAIR SHAVING SALON.

TIGHT AS A VISE, when it comes to amateur JAV, is petty unique.  Most noticeably, the lighting.  This was shot with extremely dim room lighting plus camera light and nothing more.  Normally 'dark' titles I abhor, but this one turned out pretty well.  I'm not against this type of setup if we can still see the actress clearly and in spite of the overall "my first porno" vibes I got from the actor/director, this one worked out  Due to his obvious jitters, we were given surprisingly great footage paired with him talking almost too much at times.  It felt less like a proper amateur JAV and more like a boyfriend and girlfriend re-enacting their first time together at a love hotel.

There's no creampie this time around--a mainstay in most uncensored movies like this.  We still get an authentic cum conclusion and the play leading up to it while self-shot (including some decent fixed camera placement) was done pretty darn well.  I would have preferred MAKINA to be a bit more open and the director to frankly take a back seat more, but hey, this was new for both of them making PAIPAN TIGHT AS A VISE feel as close to a real sex tape as JAV possibly allows.


Score:  3/5

Pro's:  Interesting, yet effective lighting.  Very authentic play.

Con's:  You could tell the director/actor was new to this due to his nervous dialog throughout a good portion of the movie.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 418

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