Arisa Hanyuu - Welcome to My Soapland

Published April 29, 2020

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Uncensored Japanese soapland including raw sex and a real creampie starring voluptuous Arisa Hanyuu early on in her career by DREAMROOM.

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Arisa Hanyuu - Welcome to My Soapland
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Soaplands are one of the most uniquely Japanese ways to experience a brothel.  Having a beautiful, curvy soapland queen lotion you from chest to toe before using her body in lieu of a sponge followed by some amazingly pleasurable 'skinless' sex (rumors say not only does full penetration usually occur at soaplands, but it's often done raw!) may be one of the finest sources of pleasure you can ever take part in.

And of course, leave it to JAV to take the soapland theme and push out movies that make use of it again and again...and again!  We've shown a fair share of movies that take place here and honestly have no plans to ever stop.  Sure, due to some weird modern zoning rules, soaplands can't actually be opened in Japan anymore (the optimist in me says this will eventually change), it's fallen upon Japanese AV makers to show just what goes on in Japan's highest class of love establishment.

Today via DREAMROOM we're provided a lovely 70 minute course with ARISA HANYUU, then going by HINATA KOMINE.  Still active to this very day and more popular than ever, this now sable-haired beauty has appeared in several hundred more JAV titles than I have (0) and from all accounts has no plans to retire any time soon.  WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND was one of her earlier movies filmed when she was new to the industry, was more open to riskier work (uncensored AND contains a real creampie), and sees her with hair dyed an unnatural shade of brown.

Like other WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND movies, don't expect some massive feat of storytelling.  70 minutes with ARISA HANYUU sees her naked for most of it and pretty much stimulating and being stimulated by her client nearly nonstop.  I'll say compared to other soapland titles--including MAKI HOJO's--this one may have a wee bit more talking, but not by much.  Sex, of course, remains the focus and props to the actor for popping out not one, two, but three loads.  A mighty impressive feat that deserves a good pat on the back.

Visually, ARISA is curvy goodness and the cameraman did a good job of capturing her.  We complain sometimes that uncensored JAV suffers from poor production values though this time around we thankfully have a movie that's pretty decent.  The sound is a bit loud at times though I'd rather have a title like that than one that's simply too quiet (after all, you can always LOWER the volume).  The creampie at the end?  My money's on real given DREAMROOM's track record.  So yes, good, maybe even great a JAV movie if you love curvy women and a real soapland experience.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Cute, voluptuous actress providing a very realistic soapland experience including a real creampie.

Con's:  First few minutes of the movie may have the worst BGM I've ever heard in a JAV movie.  Sound overall is slightly compressed.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 314

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