For the Love of Things Voluptuous with Kanan

Published August 19, 2015

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Totally natural and absolutely voluptuous Japanese AV newbie Kanan takes part in a fleshy release all about being on the big side by GUTS.

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For the Love of Things Voluptuous with Kanan
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Japanese women sometimes are all unfairly categorized as thin on both ends and as light as a twig.  It's unjust and totally inaccurate.  Granted, obesity isn't as much of an issue in Japan--yet, but not everyone is as thin as a rail.  Most in the adult video industry do emulate the ideal body type of 'compact', but with some semblance of breasts and the hinting of a fleshy butt.  Not all though.  There are some Japanese AV stars who are rather twiggy and fortunately Kanan (last name not provided) is not one of them.  She's in an even rarer class of adult video actresses:  voluptuous.

In fact, comparing her to the average Japanese BMI for women her age, you might squeak by with calling her BBW.  She may be no match for the extraordinarily 'big' women of western adult video, but she boasts a natural hourglass figure.  Think Azusa Nagasawa but with even better hips and butt.

FOR THE LOVE OF THINGS VOLUPUOUS is a pseudo amateur title by GUTS.  The series this title is part of stars Japanese AV 'stars' with extra large breasts.  Of course, having large breasts often means being all-around 'big' so it's also safe to consider this title part of an expansive Japanese BBW series  (that we will be showing in its entirety on ZENRA!).

Clocking in at a hair over two hours, scenes were pretty abundant in this release.  What's more, they were thankfully varied.  This was not 120 minutes of straight-forward sex in a hotel room.  Only about 20 minutes or so could be classified as that.  The rest really was all over the place.  The first scene in particular was light public nudity where we meet Kanan outside in one of those cramped artificial Tokyo neighborhood parks.  There on a bench with one of the actors, she takes part in a quick interview that mainly focuses on her chest.  Halfway through she's instructed to drop her bra before walking around in a very wet shirt.  It's embarrassing, but doesn't hold a candle to that degradation she willingly takes part of during the second half of this title.

After spending several days intimately working on this update for publication on ZENRA, it's safe to say without any shred of doubt that Kanan truly loves sex.  Sometimes it's rather obvious when an AV star may be faking it.  Kanan--especially in the last scene--put on some of the best 'acting' in AV history or she naturally responds well to being on the bottom end of aggressive coitus.

The last two scenes also included elements of bondage play with ropes being the focus in one scene and an interesting nylon contraption in the last that bound Kanan's feet together.  This scene was incredibly hard where elements of S&M collided with passionate sex with a voluptuous Japanese woman.  The rear shots were fantastic as they truly highlighted what a big and elastic butt she possesses.

FOR THE LOVE OF THINGS VOLUPUTOUS with KANAN is a bona-fied 'document AV'.  There is no story, but dialog is heavy and the scenes do have a feeling of being connected.  Play starts out tame and light and gradually gets harder until the brutal finale.  We even see Kanan's fantastic calligraphy skills in the second scene where she writes out the Kanji for 'big breasts' before attempting to write it once again with the pen squeezed between them.

Today's release at ZENRA may be devoid of a big-name star, but it still is a great title to check out.  If you don't care for 'larger' woman such as Kanan, then of course this release may not interest you too much.  However, seeing just how authentically sexual a seemingly random woman off the streets of Tokyo can be is well worth taking the time to see Kanan in private.  The final scene alone had some of the best S&M play that involves full-on sex in recent memory.  It's all there and with full and exclusive English subtitles.

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