CRB48 - The New Member Election

Published March 18, 2020

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Uncensored DREAMROOM idol unit CRB48 gathers ten hopefuls for a fan voting event concluding with a gargantuan no holds barred creampie orgy.

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CRB48 - The New Member Election
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

It's insanely rare to film an uncensored JAV title with such a gigantic cast.  In fact, sorry about being a realist, but nowadays, it's essentially impossible to produce something as grandiose as CRB48 - THE NEW MEMBER ELECTION.  DREAMROOM still releases on schedule across their smorgasbord of sites, but even their flagship ones have shifted to more intimate affairs due to the higher risks now when it comes to shooting mosaic-free.  There was this brief golden period in the early 2010's that saw in a very short time the releases of a great many 'big cast' movies.  We've showed and have licensed nearly all of them and we'll admit with today's update we're nearing the bottom of the barrel.  But we're not quite there yet!  And of course we've been saving the best ones for last.

Will DREAMROOM shoot more like NEW MEMBER ELECTION?  It's anyone's guess, but do keep in mind movies like this that star ten JAV stars--not even famous ones mind you, but EAGER ones--still are huge budget (easily $100K USD) affairs.  Corralling ten cute actresses for 90 minutes of fun, games, and bareback sex (with a few real creampies to boot) is a most ideal scenario for any director and most would love to be in charge of a movie like this (and since JAV directors don't credit themselves in uncensored releases, it's anyone's guess which major maker director actually shot this!).

CRB48 - THE NEW MEMBER ELECTION is a fun title.  TONY OOKI, as the announcer, darn nearly steals the show.  This is one of those pseudo late-night TV show JAVs that mimic the extreme popularity of mainstream idol units.  However, if you really want to get specific, you can kinda-sorta consider CRB48 (short for DREAMROOM's biggest site) a play on underground idols.  I warn you, if you start looking into possibly the most gal√°pagosized subculture of all Japanese subcultures, you may never crawl out of that wormhole of oddities.  It gets WEIRD.

Back on track!  Host TONY leads the way through full body examinations and more that all lead to--you guessed it--a huge twenty person raw orgy.  The buildup is fantastic and the payoff is very much worth it.  NEW MEMBER ELECTION features stellar lighting and camerawork which pretty much was at higher-end domestic maker level.  We get beautiful action shots from the get-go featuring some rather well known JAV stars for the time.  YUMA MIYAZAKI, a ZENRA favorite who seems to have been involved in nearly every orgy title DREAMROOM put out in the early 2010's is present of course.  MIO MIKURU, who was a riot in this insane CFNF library title plays second fiddle (almost literally!  Check out her reaction after the winner is announced) to the still active and still popular SUMIRE KUROKAWA (credited here as NATSUME INAGAWA).

I see many ways CRB48 - THE NEW MEMBER ELECTION could have been stretched out into a 3+ hour release.  I'm aware at the end of the day money is king and there's only so much they can film within the allotted time.  One can imagine more involved tryouts, sex while everyone watches, "fan service", and more.  Still, we get an extra long (for uncensored JAV at least) title shot with love and it shows.

Score:  5/5

Pro's:  One of the best uncensored JAV orgy movies ever shot.

Con's:  The exact opposite of scene creep:  too short of a movie given it's theme.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 352

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