Nazuna Otoi - Please Take Care of Me

Published December 12, 2018

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Uncensored JAV via DREAMROOM featuring some pubic hair shaving with an adorable twist.

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Nazuna Otoi - Please Take Care of Me
with English Subtitles


Leave it to JAV to push out titles with women almost always on the masochistic side of the equation.  It happens most of the time and sure, it could be cultural, but seeing women take the lead in certain kinds of adult play can be rather...thrilling.  It happens and when it does, it can be intense.  However, women taking the lead do NOT go hand-in-hand with movies released in the PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME SERIES.  I just wanted to make it known now that if these types of releases--ones with woman remaining on the defensive--are not your cup of tea, we've others that may be more suited for you.

DREAMROOM has been producing sporadic updates to this series which actually isn't bad at all.  While it does build pretty much off lots of tried-and-true JAV tropes (masochistic women, at-times slightly abnormal play, etc.), it's done rather well and even though it runs shorter than your average censored title, has a nice amount of variety.  NAZUNA OTOI (and yes, that first name is *really* unusual), the star of today's update may have never been an A-rank actress, but she's awfully cute and plays the part of an innocent yet sexually active student pretty darn well.  Her time as a JAV star was short and going by her filmography, she was one of those "get in, film a lot of uncensored and make money, and then quickly leave" actresses.  Don't bother hunting her down on social media as it's a fruitless search.

PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME has a few nice things going for it: the sex at the end's a given.  In fact, in spite of NAZUNA having such a small frame, those shots from behind made me reconsider my thoughts on doggy-style.  What's more, way before that we're treated to an embarrassed spread eagle NAZUNA having the sides of her pubic hair shaved.  It's a shame that she doesn't go full-on paipan, but shaving fans may enjoy seeing her receive an outer areas buzz cut.

We've other mosaic-free titles from DREAMROOM going up sometime in the future that feature amazing hairy to bald transitions followed by some very messy extra lotion sex.  NAZUNA OTOI's time with us was a bit more traditional though being a condom-free, mosaic-free, pull-out-free update, I'm sure most fans of young and attractive Japanese women will be leaving this one with a smile on their face and a trash bin full of tissues.

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