Yuu Yamashita - Want Me to Blow You Again?

Published February 6, 2019

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Uncensored virtual dating JAV starring a sexually insatiable gyaru via DREAMROOM.

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Yuu Yamashita - Want Me to Blow You Again?
with English Subtitles


It's always interesting to be dating a girl with a sex drive that matches yours--or possibly even exceeds it.  Some say girls like these are unicorns; every man hopes to encounter one but few ever find them.  Most of the time we'd best match our expectations with reality by assuming our significant others may enjoy sex, but not as much as we do.  YUU YAMASHITA firmly is part of that horned horse pack.  She's a rarity and she makes no effort to hide it.  She loves it, she loves doing it, and even when the place demands modesty, she'll find a unique way to get off.

In WANT ME TO BLOW YOU AGAIN?, YUU makes it only several minutes into the title before segueing play from mundane to erotic.  This uncensored DREAMROOM title is a 'virtual dating' affair where the actor remains mostly mute*.

I'm not sure if YUU YAMASHITA has ever done a title like this before.  Her filmography is rather sparse and filled mostly with mosaic-free outings.  Her brief stint in JAV along with choosing to go in hard for the fast money (uncensored often pays more) is probably the reason why so few know her.

While YUU may not be my type as gyaru as I've grown out of my fascination with that subset of Japanese women, I'm sure there are many ZENRA subscribers that enjoy young and fiery women who do all things in life with a gaudy flare.  YUU bared all in more ways than one; the car blowjob and masturbation showed she has the guts to daring things in dangerous places and the sex was done in a 'safe' hotel, but with the lights blaring down giving everyone who wanted a front row seat to her glistening womanhood.

Like many uncensored titles, this one ends in a non-staged creampie.  Lucky actor and imagine if he really did date a girl like this in real life?  Nonstop bareback sex with never a need to pull out.  Marvelous!

*There were some instances of the actor whispering to her throughout this movie.  We're not sure if that was intentional or production goofs that should have been edited out as virtual dating titles usually have absolutely zero dialog from the male talent.  We subtitled what was audible though there are times where he just is speaking too darn low hence some captioning gaps here and there.  We figure if your average Japanese person watching this title can't make out what he's saying, then it's best not to crank up the sound to unnatural levels in order to attempt potentially botched forensic subtitling.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 266

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