Hitomi Oki Drenched Nakadashi Vacation

Published March 8, 2017

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Hitomi Oki is literally dumped by her boyfriend in a service area and the nanpa-infused acumen of Jun Odagiri comes and saves her day by POMPIE.

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Hitomi Oki Drenched Nakadashi Vacation
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For all it's worth, Japan is a really safe country.  Domestic violence of a fatal kind is not that common and although there are cases of men taking out their frustrations on the fairer sex, it's more often than not done in non-physical ways.  Take HITOMI OKI, the star of today's update.

After having a fight with her boyfriend about gosh knows what, he left her hanging dry in a service area far outside of Tokyo.  The daylight's gone and although she *could* call a friend or worse comes to worse, a cab, she's not yet ready to take the plunge and risk such a massive loss of face.  She's weighing her options over the Japanese equivalent of a fast-food dinner when who else, but JUN ODAGIRI comes to the rescue.

He's affable and a bit folksy and brings her over by not coming off as creepy when offering to drive her back home.  Of course with a title like DRENCHED NAKADASHI VACATION, home isn't exactly where they're going.  Don't worry though; it isn't one of those 'suspenseful' titles (those are on the way!).  Here, a chat in the car turns predicatively prurient and with one thing leading to another, they book it to a Japanese inn (known as a 'ryokan') for a picturesque evening for two and a rowdy private encounter in the morning.

We've seen the POV method of filming used frequently in uncensored Japanese AV titles, but usually it's with ones of an amateur nanpa theme.  Frequently 'famous' AV stars will star in more traditional hardcore titles when doing the deed sans mosaic so it's interesting to see a more 'amateur' method of film-making take hold.

All things considered, DRENCHED NAKADASHI VACATION is a rather well-shot title and yes, for the more attentive subscribers out there, there is a second half that we'll be showing at a later date.  Like many uncensored titles, the DVD/BluRay release put two 'episodes' together.  In HITOMI OKI's example both are hot spring-themed, but follow totally different 'stories' (if you can even go that far).  JUN's time with her marks the first half whereas the second is a bit more uncensored AV standard fare.  Think less dialog overall and a lot more action including a threesome because that's exactly what happens at ryokans (not!).

HITOMI OKI may not be super well-known.  Her career as a modern actress was on the short side and she already retired a few years ago.  It's always possible she may return in the future, but we've a hunch that probably won't happen with her at least.  Here, she's a slightly coy, but very passionate young Japanese woman spending some impromptu adult time both in a car in her birthday suit and again at an inn in a beautiful kimono (without any panties!).  We're sure there's more sides to her and will definitely look out for more opportunities to show her work.

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